What I Love About DC

One day late, but it’s here. Why I love DC comics. Growing up, everyone knows about Superman and Batman. You’d have to live in a hole to avoid exposure to those superheros. DC superheros are iconic, especially as the Justice league. People know and have grwown up with these characters.

Gotham City

Gotham City

Even as DC comics have been updated to reflect the current time, the brand still gives off an old timey vibe. It makes you feel like you are in an older age and the respresentation of technology has nothing to do with it. Something inherit in the way these characters were created and the environment they were in makes it feel old. No one can tell me that Robin doesn’t feel like an old timey hero. We know Gotham was meant to evoke that of a 1920s New York and it definitely does, even now. The feel of the cities the way the characters move within their areas all help form this feeling of nostalgia within their worlds.

The Flash

The Flash

Everywhere but Nowhere
One of the most interesting things about DC is that it’s heroes are based in fictional cities within the US. We know that they are scattered across the country, but we have no idea where. Thus when Gotham, Metropolis, or Central City is destroyed in a massive conflicted, I can simply enjoy the story without wondering how many trillions of dollars of damaged were caused. The fact that these cities are everywhere and no where is interesting when it comes to dealing with these characters. There’s also the simply joy of debating and rationalizing where these places are actually located. Clues seem to hint at the locations of these cities, but often no consensus can be formed. Thus we have these clues about where these cities are, but no definitive answer. It doesn’t help that every so often we get a new clue that completely throws prior assumptions. Even still, it’s still fun trying to figure out where these places are. Gotham City can’t be New York, since characters have left Gotham to go to New York. And Central City, I’ve got no idea (other than Midwest).

Reverse Flash and Flash

Reverse Flash and Flash

Great Characters
I will admit that there are a number of DC characters that get under my skin. CoughSupermanCough. However, there are a number of fantastic characters. My personal favorite has always been The Flash. Something about quick characters always seems to win me over and Barry is no different. but there are many others as well. Martian Man Hunter is a fascinating character even if the concept of Martians has be debunked. There’s a full array of characters that are available and some of the best villains in all of comics. Seriously, Harley Quinn, Deathstroke, Joker, Lex Luthor, Doomsday, Darkseid, and Sinestro are all some top notch villains and that is only scratching the surface. These villains are rounded with interesting backgrounds and downright threatening. It’s strange when you love the villains.

Who is your favorite DC character? What do you like about DC.

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