The Tomorrow People – A Sort of Homecoming

The Tomorrow People are rather selfish. Hours after Roger comes to, both Cara and John are adament on holding Roger in the underground. It isn’t safe and they belive they need to keep their people content. They think Roger leaving will cause unrest. And maybe they are right, but they don’t have the right to say that Roger, their myth of hope, must play by their rules. Roger wants to see and be with his family. There’s no reason that he can’t help them and no reason to think that he won’t. But it isn’t unreasonable for Roger to put his family first after everything he has been through. He has a second lease on life and to think that he wouldn’t want to reunite with his family is ridiculous. Sure, tensions may be high with the tomorrow people, but they seem to have forgotten what having a family means.

A Sort of HomecomingOne of the most interesting aspects of this show has proven to be Hilary. She seems to truly care about Stephen, but her sense of protection and showing she cares is rather skewed. Only Astrid seems to see through whatever act Hilary is putting on. Hilary is willing to rat out information about Roger to the Founder because she believes that it will keep Stephen out of the way. The only problem is she struggles with the line between what she can get away with that Stephen will forgive and what is a complete betrayal. We see her prolong the time Stephen has with Roger, but she’s still working for the Founder.

This was an episode of family reunions and surprisingly they worked rather well. Roger and his wife truly seemed in love when they went back into each other’s grasp.  There was also the reunion of Jed and Roger. The two are brothers and great friends. However, it’s clear there is some rivalry, but in a friendly way. Jed admitted that he liked feeling like the powerful one while Roger was on ice, but the two work together. They see eye to eye. Even his reunion with Astrid was a nice moment as he recalled a chubby cheeked girl. The only reunion that wasn’t all that great was with Luca. However, over time even Luca loosened up.

There was also some big moments for Hilary this episode, even though she was only in this episode for a few minutes. For one, there was never a doubt in my mind that she loved Stephen. She’d been vulnerable around him even though that wasn’t truly in her character. She was cold, but around Stephen she came out of her harsh shell. Thus it made sense that when we saw Hilary giving information to the Founder it came with more and more hesitance as she started to realize what was going on was on the up and up like she’d suspected. it wasn’t until Stephen blew up at her and then she saw John lose his powers that she realized how wrong she really was. Her penance was sacrificing herself and hopefully taking out the Founder.

What did you think of the episode?

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