Agents of SHIELD – The Only Light in the Darkness

Ward is telling his version of what happened at the Fridge. It was nice the way they juxtaposed his lies with what he actually did. Turns out the man from the opening was Marcus Daniels. He’s so terrifying that Coulson was determined to get the fridge criminals back and Marcus was number one. Coulson is worried about Daniels going after the woman he loves.

The Only Light in the DarknessCoulson’s determination to get the fridge criminals is noble. Thankfully, Koenig isn’t going to just let this random team go. They are each going into a lie detector machine designed by Fury that even Romanov couldn’t beat. That had Ward worried, but he hid it rather well. I’m glad that Koenig didn’t just give in to Coulson as Koenig’s point about it being a secret base was important.

Some things we learned from the chair, Mary Sue Poots was the name the orphanage gave Skye. Triplett’s grandfather was a Howling Commando, May was married, Fitz only has a mother, and Simmons watches Doctor Who. Fitz cares about Simmons. Ward was nearly found out, but at the end of the day he managed to get his lanyard. It would have been great if he had been found out. Just after getting his lanyard he was rather harsh with Fitz, but also told the truth. Ward is gunning to kill them all and that means that Fitz really should tell Simmons how he feels about her.

Coulson is so far from forgiving May. He’s ordered her to stay on base while he goes out on his mission with Tripp as his specialist instead. Coulson is sick of May using Fury as an excuse and honestly as the audience I am too. She keeps saying how everything was done for him.

The Only Light in the DarknessWith Daniels, Coulson and Fitz go after Daniels. They flooded with him with light that they expected would cripple him. Unfortunately, Daniels admitted that they were experimenting on him and making him stronger. He takes the light and sends out a dark burst that makes him done. Simmons and Tripp were able to get the Cellist away. She quickly realizes that Simmons and Trip aren’t CIA and are SHIELD. She isn’t terrified of them. She trust SHIELD because she loved Coulson. It was sad to listen to her talk about how she loved Coulson. But the best plan they had was to set the cellist up for Daniels to go after her.

Skye goes to Koenig with the idea of hacking the NSA to use their satellites. It was shocking that Ward agreed to let Skye hack the NSA. That would allow her to see what exactly happen and more importantly that Ward had attacked the Fridge. Ward has to move quickly now. His first target was May, but when she revealed that she was packing up and leaving he let her go. By the time he got back to Koenig, Skye had already hacked the NSA and they were getting images. Tensions were high when Skye walked in to Koenig’s office and he was no where to be found. That mean Skye was left alone with a sociopathic murderer. As he buttered her up and made her care, they started to make out and she found blood. With Ward gone, she found Koenig’s tablet that tracked their locations with the lanyard. She spotted Koenig and went after him.

The build of tension as the cellist played her tune as Daniels approached, juxtaposed with Skye moving through the facility to find Koenig dead was really well done. It’s been quite a while sense I’ve felt my heart beating so quickly in a TV show. I was glad that Skye didn’t act a fool and quickly acknowledged and accepted that Ward was Hydra. And after a reasonable freakout, Skye cobbled a plan together. That included getting that penny back over the door so Ward wouldn’t be suspicious. There was also, continuing to play the game and seducing Ward. But he orders that they have to leave. She realizes that he only needs her to decrypt the hard drive. Thankfully, it’s location based, so while she is being held hostage, they can’t decrypt without her or without being in the correct place and she’s the only one who knows. It gives her some sort of power. I have to say, for the first time in the show, I am really liking Skye.

The Only Light in the DarknessAs for Coulson’s drama, Daniels was more of a prop to get Coulson to the cellist. And that was the moving part of his story line. He wishes to protect her, but it also inspired him to forgive May, which is about time.

The episode ended with a nice scene between May and her mother. It’s clear that her Mom may be retired, but she was an agent in something. Whatever is going on May is going to contact Maria.

What did you think of the episode?

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