Arrow – Seeing Red

Diggle and Felicity are watching over Roy as Caitlin Snow works on an anti mirakuru spell. He’s still hopped up on an excess mix of fresh mirakuru blood. Roy is pretty much immobile, until all of a sudden he’s up and about. Worst of all he tried to attack a Felicity and flipped a table. Whatever is going on with him, he’s more dangerous than ever.

Seeing RedIt felt a little out of place that with everything completely unwinding and danger at an all time high, Oliver and Sara are hooking up in hotels that Oliver can no longer afford. It felt out of place and foolish. It did work as a juxtapositin for the end of the episode.

The flashbacks dealt with a time before Oliver was on the island. Instead he was still a young misguided boy and he went and got a girl, that wasn’t his girlfriend, Laurel, pregnant. Moira met with the girl and laid out the way things were going to be. Moira offered the girl two million dollars for the girl to tell Oliver that she had a miscarriage and then go away to Central City, to never return.

Seeing RedRoy off on his own went somewhere. I’m not sure where, but he crossed paths with Sin. When a guy stepped in to stop Roy from attacking Sin, but that just made Roy mad. Roy beat them down including Sin. She went to Sara for help, but Sara was more interested in beatin up on Roy. Which lead to Oliver and Sara going after him. Roy caught one of Oliver’s arrows and debilitated Oliver. When two cops tried to arrest him on the street, he killed one of them and seriously hurt another. Sara is now determined to take out Roy at all costs. Oliver refuses.

Moira decided to drop out of the race and focus on Thea. She went to Blood to tell her of his intentions, only to be met with a creepy declaration of what Blood intends to do with the city. Moira is determined to fix her relationship with her daughter. But Oliver does his best to convince Moira that dropping out won’t fix their relationship. Thea is mad because of the terrible things Moira did in the past. Oliver’s pep talk was turned on its head when Moira revealed that she knew he was the hood. She’d known for a year and she was proud of what he was doing.

Thea realizing that Roy was in trouble she met up with Sin to concern her fears. Just after this scene, we saw an eerie hallucination of Thea telling Roy that she deserved to be hurt. Thea drew Roy out to her mothers rally. It worked, but Roy attacked Thea. He couldn’t control himself. Sara was ready to kill him, but Oliver hit him with three arrows of venom to the chest.

Sara didn’t like the person she was. She decided to leave and give up Oliver. Goodbye for now Sara.

Seeing RedThea was pretty angry that Oliver wasn’t there when she was attacked. I’m surprised she didn’t realize what was going on. She’s proving to be painfully oblivious. The arrow was hobbling and so was her brother. But her frustration lead to Queen family secret reveal. Things were going to be laid out on the table when their car was rammed. Slade brought them to the woods, tied them up. Then he forced Oliver to choose again. But Moira gave herself up. Slade commended her and for a moment it seemed like she’d be rewarded as he put his gun away. Then his sword went right through her chest. It was a tension filled moment and hard to not get emotional. Moira may not have been the perfect mother, but she loved her children.

What did you think of the episode?

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