The 100 – His Sister’s Keeper

There was a flashback to the arc of Bellamy’s mother having Octavia. She had him promise not to say anything about his sister. Now aside from the fact that Octavia rocketed out of get he womb like no other the scene was effective to show how Bellamy had been conditioned. It also gives us the idea that Bellamy is much older. The next part of the flashback featured a more familiar looking Bellamy and a very young Octavia. She didn’t enjoy being sent under the hatch. Even though he was exasperated with following his mother’s orders, he still did everything he could to protect Octavia. That meant using his foot t over a tassel that could have got her caught. Later, Bellamy managed to sneak Octavia out of her home for a masquerade party. It was a nice touch that even then, Jasper had a thing for her. But there was an event and everyone had to be searched, but Octavia didn’t have an ID. Turns out it was that trip that got hismother killed and Octavia locked out. he quickly abandoned his desire to be a guardsman. He was then given an opportunity from his former Lt. to kill Jaha and go after Octavia.

His Sister's KeeperBellamy comes to Clarke for help finding Octavia. Clarke makes it very clear that he’s nothing helping for his sake, but for Octavia. Octavia is in some cave with a very badly broken leg. When it’s clear Octavia isn’t there they set up for a search. It makes sense that Jasper would want, need to go. What didn’t make sense is that either the group or Jasper wouldn’t go without Finn. Jasper has a thing for Octavia and when he was nearly dead, she was bey his side almost the entire time. She fought for his life, so it felt right that Jasper would be there.

His Sister’s KeeperThe grounders fixed Octavia’s leg when he had the opportunity. Being a smart girl, she didn’t just stick around and see if his generosity would continue. These people did shoot Jasper and string him up for a point. Octavia found a way out of whatever they were trapping her in. After seeing the first kid’ who died hit the ground, they all wanted to run. And so they ran. Then another guy got a spike through the chest, followed by the girl who was shot just like Jasper, although I don’t think she’ll be surviving. The man who found her and fixed her found her above ground and brought her back. This time she got tied up. With Jasper and the group a horn calls back the approaching grounders. They found Octavia and she quickly reunited with Jasper. Octavia though didn’t want any harm to come of the grounder who saved her life. However, the ground did attack her and the others, including a knife wedged into Finn’s side.

As for the whole Finn, Clarke, Raven deal. Raven is totally in the group and that means the pair of them need to deal with their arrival. For Clarke, she’s ready to just cut her losses and run. She’s cool with letting Finn be with Raven as it should be. Finn, however, is not. He acknowledges that he loves Raven, but claims that he’s not sure about if that’s where his heart is now. Thankfully, it didn’t play out long as Raven stopped being oblivious and realized what had happened. She confronted Clarke about it and Clarke laid out her side and it was over. At least between Raven and Clarke. Raven now seems more angry at Finn and rightfully so.

His Sister's KeeperUm I’m starting to get disturbed by this show. The search party consisted of approximately 7 people after they crossed into Grounder territory. There was one black person in this entire group. Why is it that of all of those unknown characters it was the black kid who died. The 100 seems to be slaying and finding ways to get rid of all black people on The 100. It is disturbing, and while it may not have been their intention, it’s something that stands out. That said, it was one of the better episodes of the show.

What did you think of the episode?

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