Why New Consoles May Be Selling So Well

The new consoles are selling at an extraordinary pace. If they continue at pace the XboxOne and PS4 are going to be two monster consoles. But why are these consoles selling so much when they don’t have the games to support it? I talked about the lack of games previously, but I have some ideas on why the consoles are selling so well. It doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the lack of games currently.

inFamous: Second Son

inFamous: Second Son



There Are More Gamers
Games are easy access now. In the past, games were located in arcades or at those few friends’ homes who had the consoles you wanted. If you were lucky, you may have had a console of your own. Then games began to explode. Graphics got better, mechanics became more fluid, and suddenly games were coming off as more pieces of art rather than simply something fun to do with your time. And as technology advanced, the ability to have games easily and everywhere expanded. First it was the handheld consoles like gameboy and PSP. Now, we have handhelds like 3DS and Vita, more importantly we have phones. The rapidly growing technology allows for high quality games that at one point could only be found on stationary consoles, on your phone. A phone that you carry with you all the time anyway. Games became something to pass the time during bus rides or waiting for someone. Maybe you are bored as you wait for your order to come out, you can now play your game. These are small quick games that get people hooked. More importantly, they expand the consumer base of gamers as casual gamers develop an interest in console games.

The new consoles are selling because there are simply more gamers now than before. Games have moved from being a niche to being widely accepted. In many ways, this is partially because of the transition from just being entertainment, to these games carrying weighty stories. From games being simple to complex. It doesn’t hurt that these consoles

XboxOne PS4The Consoles Have Hope
One of the main reasons consoles have so much hope and are selling well is because the content that is being put out for them is good. There has not been a decline in quality in games and that is positively affecting sales. The word of mouth about games buzzes and because there are more gamers now, word moves fast. When there is a good game out there, people know about it. With the promise of new games, people are willing to take a bet on the consoles. If what could be done on the previous consoles, imagine what can be done on the new consoles. When you think back to the quality of some of the games on PS3 or Xbox 360, they looked great compared to their predecessors. But compare them to the games that came out on the same consoles much later in the life cycle and you’d be blown out of the water. The developers learned how to work with the systems and leverage their abilities. They learned how to max out the system to produce the best possible product. The results were great. Then when you consider how great PS4 and XboxOne look already, it’s exciting to see how they will perform down the line once developers know how to maximize the consoles.

Entertainment Centers
These consoles aren’t just for games anymore. These consoles now act as hubs to all sorts of entertainment. XBox has the edge on the PS4 as it also integrates TV streaming, but in every other aspect PS4 is on par. Because these consoles are more than just gaming centers, it broadens their appeal to more people as they serve as portals to other content they may also want to consume.

Why do you think these consoles are selling so well?


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