Game of Thrones – Oathkeeper

This was a far more somber episode compared to the previous episodes that had varying degrees of big moments.

OathkeeperThere were the events within King’s Landing. Let’s start with Jamie who had the bulk of the King’s Landing time. Jamie is still training with Bronn. He seems to be getting better, but that wasn’t the point of their encounter. It was actually to shame Jamie into realizing that he’d yet to go see Tyrion. His short encounter with his brother made it clear that he doesn’t believe that Tyrion did it. To make sure that we knew that’s how he felt for certain, he had another talk with Cersei. She wants Tyrion’s head and sees her brother as a traitor for serving Catlyn Stark. In many ways he really is continuing to protect the Starks as best he can. He sends Brienne off with Podrick (so he’s safe from King’s Landing) with the goal of finding and protecting Sansa with her life. It says a lot about the character he has begun, thus the event’s of last week feel out of place with his character.

We also learned that Littlefinger used Sansa’s necklace to poison Joffrey, which now implicates her in Joffrey’s death. There really is no return to King’s Landing for her. We also learned that it was Lady Tyrell who was responsible for this. It was nice the way the actions spelled it out for us rather than being explicitly told. That said, Lady Tyrell is now ensuring that Margaery involves herself with Tommen to make sure Cersei can’t cut her out.

OathkeeperThe episode began with the people of Meereen. Apparently Grey Worm is learning a new language with Missandae while he isn’t sneaking through the walls of Meereen to bring the slaves weapons. In a rather quick but entertaining sequence, the slaves rebel against Masters and regain their freedom. The remaining masters are rounded up and Daenerys ordered 163 (the number of children on mile markers) to be strung up in the same way as the children. It was pleaded that Daenerys show mercy on the defeated, but she claimed she wanted justice not mercy.

In the North, we had two stories going on in an interesting way that was a set up to the events converging. Let’s start with Jon Snow who is struggling to find his place amongst the Night’s Watch. It seems the majority of the men respect Jon, but that ca’t be said for all. In an attempt to appease Jon and potentially get him killed, he allowed for Jon’s plan to go to Craster’s Keep. The only condition is that no men would be ordered to go and Jon could only take volunteers. Jon bucked the expectations and was able to rally men to join him on his mission.

Meanwhile we got a check in with the mutineers at Craster’s Keep. The men there were certainly no longer part of Night’s watch as they drank out of skulls and ate human remains. They have devolved into disgust and debauchery and seem to be enjoying it. When a woman came with a final newborn baby, who was a boy, the child was nearly killed. The women of the keep convinced them to do what Craster did with the boys and gave them up as an offering to the gods.

OathkeeperWe also caught up with Bran . When they heard the cries of the baby, Bran insisted on checking it out despite urges against it. He went walked through Summer and found Ghost who was locked up by those at Craster’s. Knowing that Ghost was around was enough to make Bran stick around and try to free both Summer and Ghost. Unfortunately, they were captured by those at Craster’s. The good news is that Jon is on the way.

There was also a final scene depicted that baby in the arms of  White Walker. There was a moment of excitement when my prediction came true. It became apparent by the touch of the white walker on the baby’s cheek and the following  changing of his eyes to the blue of the White Walkers. It was a great moment, though I’m scared this may have been our first of two obligatory White Walker sightings per season. I can’t be the only one who wished there was more of the white walkers.

What did you think of the episode?


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