The 100 – Contents Under Pressure

The hundred finally experience their first bout of serious weather. It happened to be just as Raven was trying to reach the Ark as Finn was dying.

On the Ark, Abbie was given a pardon for her crimes, but she’s off the council. The council is ready to ignore the flares the hundred sent off. They on’t want to believe it was contact. Only a few moments later, they get radio contact. They are all able to talk for the first time. Clarke had to deliver the hard news that Wells was dead to Jaha. Unfortunately, they lose the signal because of the storm.

Contents Under PressureOn Earth Bellamy and his crew returned with a grounder. Bellamy is determined to get answers from the man who took Octavia. Octavia on the other hand takes sympathy on the grounder. She’s convinced he was helping her. Bellamy finds his notebook. In it were drawings including one of Octavia and a series of check marks representing all the people who came to earth. all 102 and the number who had been marked off. 10. Bellamy is convinced they are at war with the grounders and they need to fight. Clarke isn’t sure that the grounder they have tied up is the key.

Clarke an Raven were busy trying to save Finn’s life. She pulled the knife out of Finn just before the whole base shook. With the knife out, Finn didn’t even look at Raven and only stared at Clarke, which Raven noticed. He went quickly down hill and Clarke realized it was poison. With Finn’s life on the like Clarke sided with Bellamy and they decided to take a much hard interrogation path. Bellamy began striking the man, but he didn’t respond. Octavia was broken. So much so that after Raven electrocuted the grounder, she sliced herself with the poison blade knowing that he wouldn’t let her die. It worked.

Contents Under PressureMarcus is having such a hard time with his decision to cast the 320 people out that he’s turned to drinking. When he was attacked, he didn’t even fight back. He has been crippled by what he did and it is a totally different side to Marcus than what we’ve seen. Jaha opened up about the truth. As Jaha was attacked for not knowing their loss, Jaha revealed that Wells died learning earth was uninhabitable. Even still the people doubted their leadership, so Jaha extended an invitation to the council to their leader and former council leader.

The relationship between the grounder and Octavia is interesting. She doesn’t quite have stockholm syndrome because she wanted to get away. But she did see the good in him. Octavia tended to his wounds. He even muttered thank you, possibly as an indication that he speaks English. I’m looking forward to seeing how their relationship grows as well as what he is actually doing. What is his role? I can’t wait to see that play out, unlike the Clarke, Raven, Finn trio. I’m actually upset that they are backtreading on that relationship dynamic.

There are 2230 people on the Ark. But there is only room for 700 people to go to earth.

What did you think of the episode?

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