The Tomorrow People – Son of Man

Jed had some really great moments this episode. From the very beginning as he realized that his powers were so short lived. it turned out that he didn’t really care that they would fade out. He just needed to get into Ultra to get to his brother. The look on his face as he realized that he no longer had his powers and had to fight the old fashioned way was great. And when he arrived at his brother, the look of turmoil as Roger begged him to kill him. Jed eventually took the shot to try to prevent humans from dying. He could hardly hold himself together. Jed loved Roger unconditionally and that hasn’t been disputed since we saw how things were. Roger was Jed’s everything. Well, almost everything. Jed also had a soft spot for John. Jed had given John his family knife because he saw John as his son. It was a moving moment as Jed expressed how proud and how much he cared about John. To Jed, John really is like his son. The embrace they shared was really great. Unfortunately all that growth the thrown out the window in the final moments.Son Of Man

The big event this week was the revelation that the Founder had continued the gene therapy research that enabled John to kill. The result was that the Founder had a paranormal kill squad effectively cutting out the need for humans all together. Which was convenient considering Stephen was now determined to get the drugs necessary to kill so he could go after the Founder. In fact, there was nothing that Stephen wanted more than to kill the Founder who was the reason his father was dead. The drugs were running rampant this episode. Tomorrow person after tomorrow person was given this ability.

Son Of ManThe machine was was the focus of the show for quite a while finally showed it’s true potential. Sure we saw what had happened when it was temporarily powered. And we also learned what would happen if it was fully powered and given juice. Well with Roger in the machine, he charged it up with all the power that it needed. So much so, that even when Roger died the machine retained Roger’s power. When Stephen finally broke into Ultra to stop the machine from continuing it’s damage and risking the lives of everyone, it had already begun to freeze. He somehow managed to break the machine by pulling in the energy and in a way becoming much stronger.

What did you think of the episode

2 thoughts on “The Tomorrow People – Son of Man

  1. The ending made no sense… they threw out Jedekiah’s entire motivation and character development in a desperate gasp to re-direct the show and get a second season. (Which I don’t think they’re getting, but we’ll see soon.)
    Also, they forgave Russell’s betrayal way too easily — I mean, Steven lost his father because of him, and the whole human population of the World almost died. Very unrealistic.

    • I choose to think Jed’s trying to find a way to bridge the gap that he and Roger talked about. 🙂 It may seem like he brainwashed John, but i’m sure there is some good explanation. I’d love a season to find out. The moments with Jed and Roger and Jed and John were wonderful.

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