Arrow – Streets of Fire

The exploding room from last week has separated Oliver and Laurel, but Laurel had Oliver’s quiver. In it there ws an explosive arrow that she neeeded to shoot. And she did so with a calm that allowed the two to reunite again.

Streets of FireThe timing of Felicity running over Ravager as as she ranted about how much she wanted to put a bullet into Felicity was fantastic. It made for not just a good moment of levity, but also showed the character as not incapable. Once Ollie and Laurel teamed back up with Felicity and Diggle, we learned that the courier with the cure was attacked, but is in the city. Unfortunately, Slade was listening in on the call and knows what is coming. This splits the team up as Laurel goes to meet up with her father alone as the others go to deal with the situation up close.

After the car flipped, they went by foot to meet the courier. But when they were approaching him, Felicity had him honk his horn. That only served as a beacon to get the courier killed and the cure stolen.

Streets of FireLance held his own in the police station, but barely. He only managed to survive by detonating some grenades. Once he’s able to regroup with the his men, Lance makes it clear that he knows Blood is the one who is letting this happen. But with Blood preventing the national guard to come in, the police don’t have much to do. Lance calls for the help of the Arrow. Despite hesitation that is exactly what they are going to get, help.

On the way, Sara stepped in to save Laurel. Sara was nothing more than a sad sack wallowing in her own self-pity. She isn’t a hero and she admits it. Laurel has to dig Sara out of the hole of self-pity. Which is a shame considering Starling Cityis literally burning and she’s crumbling under the pressure. With the city burning it was the perfect time for Sara to prove herself and she saved a little girl from a burning building. When they ask who it was Laurel proudly says the Canary.

Streets of Fire

Malcolm Merlyn

Blood’s perversion into a belief that he could actually save the city by allowing this to happen was ridiculous. He has it so tight in his head that he can be a hero that he hardly sees he’s a villain. He’s making sure that the military isn’t being called in to allow for the approriate amount of damage to be caused as the city is destroyed. He doesn’t realize how far he is outside of this situation. Masked men came to the mayor’s office slaying everyone inside. Even when he tried to prevent a death he was met with defiance. Blood has no control over this situation. It isn’t until a conversation with Slade that he realizes that he was no more than a pawn. Slade intended to burn the city from the beginning.

It’s only when Blood realizes how he was a pawn to Slade’s revenge as he was trying to better the city, Blood gets his hands on the cure. Blood confirmed that Slade intended to kill one more person that Ollie loved. He handed over the cure to Ollie in hopes of Arrow taking down Slade. Blood intended to still be mayor after it all. Slade suspected Blood may do it all along and sent Ravager to handle it. Two blades to the chest and goodbye Sebastian Blood.

With the cure in hand, Oliver needs to make sure the cure works. That means they use the only person they have available, an unconscious Roy. It could kill him, or he them, but Oliver is willing to take the risk to make sure that he can really take out Slade.

Streets of FireAs Thea was attacked in the train station, she was nearly killed until Malcolm Merlyn returned to save his daughter. He shot one of the mirakuru filled men with something capable of taking him out. She ran from him at the first opportunity first. Thea running made sense. But she was also running from the one person who was protecting her at that moment while the city was a literal hazard zone. Thea possibly jut killed Malcolm Merlyn. At least she shot at him.

On the island, we learned how Ollie’s friendship with the Russian first emerged. Ollie went out on a limb to help him get back home alive. Then Ollie went to break Sara out of the freightliner. Ultimately, the flashback time could have been better used focusing on the present.

To make matters worse, Lance’s captain recognizes that the forces moving in to the city aren’t military. They just look like military. Turns out that it’s ARGUS and they are going to bomb all of Starling City if the Arrow can’t stop it all by dawn.

What did you think of the episode?

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