The 100 – Day Trip

They still have the grounder locked up. All of the hundred are extremely hostile.

Day TripSomehow radio contact has suddenly jumped to a video chat. I’m rather impressed considering how long it took them to make any sort of contact just to allow them to know they were alive. Now Clarke has a monitor and a headset. Everyone is going to get their turn talking to loved ones still on the Ark. One of the boys, someone we’ve yet to meet is now being charged to kill Bellamy by the same man who wanted Bellamy to kill Jaha.

Octavia is still sneaking out to help the grounder. He seems to understand her and there seems to be some sort of bond between the two. The grounder has a name. Lincoln. It’s nice to stop calling him grounder. He makes it clear that it isn’t safe for them to talk because he realizes that he’s going to die.

Clarke goes out withe Bellamy to find the supply despot. Together they find the place that could have the supplies they need to survive. Had the ground truly been previously uninhabitable, the supplies would be in tact. But the people did survive. Not to mention it looked like people were surviving inside the location. There was also water dripping everywhere. But in Bellamy’s rage, he found a stash of guns. Clarke realizes that Bellamy was acting so strange because he was going to run.

Day TripWithin the story line Jasper and Monty were the first to start tripping. The result was Jasper swore he was seeing things. More specifically that grounders were actually following him. He goes to Octavia who calms him down. But shortly after we see Bellamy tripping over his guilt and then Clarke seeing her dead father. It must be something in the air because soon the entire camp is tripping, every one but Raven and Finn who were in their tent.

In the chaos, Octavia helps Lincoln get away. He’s resistant. she dresses him in some normal clothes. Turns out Octavia was the one who did it to everyone in an attempt to get him free. She manages it and he kisses her before he leaves. The psychosis eventually wears off on the people who ate the jobi nuts. During Lincoln’s escape he came into contact with Finn. It was odd that both men lingered and kind of circled around each other in silence. I don’t understand why Lincoln didn’t immediately run, but waited until Finn got a good look.

Day TripIt’s unfortunate that Bellamy’s psychosis is going on while someone is trying to kill him. Clarke wasn’t going to let Bellamy just be killed like that in cold blood. She risked her life to save him. And they managed to kill the guy Shumway had sent to kill Bellamy. Bellamy truly feels regret over what he did. Clarke sees how important Bellamy is. She acknowledges that they all need him. She doesn’t want Bellamy dead and that is a big step. It was great to see the two of them opening up a bit. Bellamy pisses Clarke off, but she both likes and appreciates him. Together they bring back the weapons in preparation for the grounders.

Finn disapproves of the path Clarke is going down with Bellamy. Bellamy was pardoned by Jaha to find out who was trying to kill him. Shumway was taken into custody and it became clear that Kane had nothing to do with the attempt on Jaha. Instead it was the former president and newly inducted member of the council and she faked Shumway’s death.

What did you think of the episode?

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