The Tomorrow People Series Review

Yup, you read that title correct. The CW has officially canceled The Tomorrow People leaving the season finale from Monday the final episode of the Tomorrow People we will ever see. Sure the writing was on the wall, with the lower ratings and then being reshuffled to Mondays. The show wasn’t likely to return, but that didn’t mean it didn’t deserve it. While the beginning was less than ideal, the back half of the first season really got into the meat and potatoes of the show. Unfortunately, it was too late for The Tomorrow People especially with The 100 also doing very well for the network. So now, I’ll take a look back at the first and only season of the Tomorrow People, with deep hopes that maybe just maybe it can be revived elsewhere (though I doubt it will).

The Tomorrow People enjoy a party

The Tomorrow People enjoy a party

Rocky Start
The show had troubles there is no denying it. The Tomorrow People always had an interesting premise, but the early part of the series often felt redundant and not interesting. Yes, I went there. The first few episodes were almost downright painful to watch and this is coming from someone who loves the show. Which is likely why they lost so much of the audience rather quickly. There were a number of episodes that dealt with the same situations with different people and never hit new beats. The characters weren’t fleshed out enough for us to understand or care about their motives. And worst of all the early episodes dealt with many of the characters standing around and talking out their problems without actually doing it. No, I did not want to hear exactly what they were going to do, I just wanted to see it happen. All of these things combined to make a very rough start.

All of these set backs made the show feel like it didn’t really start until much later in the season. Sure, there were moments throughout the early episodes that really helped build these characters and helped the early on structure of the story for the season. However, those moments were few and far between. At first The Tomorrow People was trying to be more drama than action and that’s what hurt the show.

Astrid and John

Astrid and John

Finding It’s Footing
While it took a while for the show to really take off and find it’s stride it managed to find it. When it was first revealed that Marla, Stephen’s mom, had been pretending to be a normal person the whole time was in fact a tomorrow person was a great moment. It was the moment when I said “Damn, this show just got really good.” It was the first time I was left anticipating the next episode. I wanted it right then. I thought about the show rather than just writing it off. Yes, I didn’t get quite the pay off I was hoping to get from the reveal, but it was the sign that the show had turned the corner and it had. The story telling picked up the pace. Rather than feeling like there was one moment of tension each episode, I started to find myself thinking man there has been so much happening this episode. It was great.

Modus VivendiCharacter Development
The Tomorrow People most certainly struggled with developing it’s characters at first. For a long time Stephen felt like a hollow shell who just did whatever anyone told him to do. Admittedly, he still suffered from this a bit even at the end. But he had gained some of his own agency and was making his own decisions. By far the most interesting character to delve into their mind was certainly Jedekiah Price, Stephen’s uncle. Initially he was portrayed as evil, but the further we got into the season we learned more of the nuances about Jed. He’s a mad scientist who loved his brother unconditionally and loved John like he was his real son. Seeing what Jed would go through to save his brother was a great thing to watch.

By the end of the season, the main cast felt fleshed out. You knew who they were and what drove them. Sure there were some actions that didn’t seem to make sense for the characters who did them. (I’m staring at you Russell for giving Roger over to Ultra.) Overall, what we saw from the characters made sense.

So we won’t be seeing any more of The Tomorrow People, which will leave a sad hole in my heart, but at least we go out knowing that the main conflict of the season was resolved. Most shows wouldn’t have even given us that much. Yay for closure. I’ll just pretend that Jed didn’t wipe John’s memory. It never happened.

What did you think of The Tomorrow People?

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3 thoughts on “The Tomorrow People Series Review

  1. Sigh. You can see why the quality of those early episodes ultimately doomed the show, shedding too many viewers who would not return. You can also see why with the quality of the second half of the season why it deserved a second season. Oh, well.

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