Game of Thrones – The Laws of Gods and Men

This week to highlight and main focus of the show was the trial of Tyrion Lannister for the death of King Joffrey Baratheon. As was expected, Tyrion’s trial didn’t go very well. Person after person stood before the three judges and piled on falsified truths and claims that would condemn Tyrion. There was little hope for Tyrion to get out of his trail unscathed, but it wasn’t until Jamie confronted his father that we saw that not everyone was rooting for his demise.

The Laws of Gods and MenAnd it seemed that Jamie was the only person rooting for Tyrion at all. He was willing to lay down his life and what he deemed happiness and good in order to help his brother. It was fascinating, but not uncommon to see Tywin yet again doing all he can to condemn the son he wished he never had. But Jamie’s proposition was too good for even him to refuse. With the Lannister line dying, sparing Tyrion would mean Jamie carrying on the Lannisters. The only thing Tyrion needed to do was stay quiet for the remainder of the trial and plead for mercy.

For a minute there, it actually seemed like Tyrion would be able to keep his mouth shut and manage to spare himself. Sure, a place in the Night’s Watch isn’t particularly ideal with everything going on with the incoming wildlings and whatever the white walkers are doing. However, when Shae hits the stand apparently never taking the ship Tyrion provided and presents a lie filled testimony, Tyrion loses it. I’m talking going entirely off the wall as he expresses how much he really wished he’d been the one to kill Joffrey. Then to top it off he requests his trial to be settled by battle.

The Laws of Gods and MenThis episode we also got to see what was going on in Braavos. First was a trip to the Iron Bank with Stannis and Ser Davos. Initially, the bank entirely denied Stannis the money he was requesting, however Ser Davos managed to turn the meeting around and got them to fund their attempt to take back the throne. This also meant that Davos was recruiting his old pirate friend.

Still in the east, Daenerys has taken up her throne in Meereen. a fact which Tywin is very aware of and plans to take care of itn due time. Now on a throne, she has to face her people for the first time and has a long list of those who have come to her. Each of them are bringing her requests that are in fact repercussions of her presence. First was a man who’s goats we saw burned as one of her dragons attacked his flock. Daenerys gratefully paid him for his losses threefold. The second encounter we had was of the son of a master. He plead with her to give his father, who’d opposed the hanging of the children, the opportunity to have a proper burial rather than be carrion. Eventually she conceded, but I get the feeling that her troubles as a stationary ruler have only begun.

The Laws of Gods and MenWe also had a small bit with Theon, or should I say Reek, as Yara came for her brother. However, when she arrived all there was to find was the shell of her brother inhabited by some unknown entity living in a cage with the dogs. It was quite sad and she left claiming that her brother was dead. In some ways this is true, but Ramsay intends to bring back the Theon we know as he requests Reek to pretend that he’s Theon to deliver a message.

What did you think of the episode?

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