NBC Fall Schedule (2014-2015)

The schedules began rolling in yesterday and NBC was first at bat. I previously noted all of the renewals and cancellations, but here is the new line up. Check out the new shows after the break.

8-8:30 8:30-9 9-9:30 9:30-10 10-10:30 10:30-11
Monday The Voice Blacklist/ State of Affairs (Nov 17)
Tuesday The Voice Marry Me About A Boy Chicago Fire
Wednesday The Mysteries of Laura Law & Order: SVU Chicago P.D.
Thursday The Biggest Loser Bad Judge/ The Blacklist (Feb 5) A to Z Parenthood
Friday Dateline Grimm Constantine
Saturday Encore Programming
Sunday Football Programming

The New Shows

I’m listing all of the new shows, whether they are on the schedule now or not.


Official Synopsis:

Alex O’Connor, a young idealistic CIA analyst specializing in Russian affairs, learns a shocking secret and his close-knit, affluent family is about to be split apart when it’s revealed that his parents, Mark (Scott Cohen) and Katya (Hope Davis), are covert Russian spies deactivated decades ago. But today the Kremlin has re-enlisted them into service as they plan a terrorist operation inside the U.S. border that will bring America to its knees.

Years ago, Russian-born Katya was tasked by the KGB to recruit American businessman Mark O’Connor as a spy and the two fell in love. A deal was struck: as long as Katya remained an asset for Russia, and it was agreed that her services could be called on in the future, she would be allowed to marry Mark and move to America. After years in America building a happy life and without word from Moscow, they thought they had escaped. Now it seems that the new Mother Russia has one more mission – turning Alex into a spy. For these anguished parents, the choice is clear: betray their country… or risk their family.

Based on an Israeli format and from the writer/director of “The Adjustment Bureau” comes a pulse-pounding thriller that makes the family home look more like enemy territory.

Format: One-hour drama
Cast: Hope Davis, Scott Cohen, Margarita Levieva, Gavin Stenhouse, Morgan Spector, Annie Ilonzeh, Alexandra Peters, Kenneth Choi

Initial Impressions:

Without a trailer, I’m not sure how I feel about this show. I’ll wait to pass any judgement until I can at least see that as the premise can either be over the top drama or a bit too cutesy.

A to Z

Official Synopsis:

This is the A-to-Z story of Andrew (Ben Feldman, “Mad Men”) and Zelda (Cristin Milioti, “How I Met Your Mother”) – a pair that almost wasn’t – and all that happened from the day they met.

Andrew has always been a secret romantic… not above crooning to Celine Dion while driving to work, with dreams of finding “the one.” He imagines her to be just like that shimmering beauty he spotted that night in that silver dress at that concert two years ago.

Zelda, having grown up with a hippie mom who believed the universe would provide for everything, rebelled into a no-nonsense practical lawyer who prefers the control of online dating.

But when a computer glitch sends her a total mismatch, she’s asked to come in for an interview at the Internet dating service where Andrew works, and this is where it all begins. Andrew and Zelda meet for the first time and despite their differences, sparks fly. She thinks it’s chance. He thinks it’s fate. After all, he’s convinced she’s the shimmering girl in the silver dress.

Is it true love forever or just a detour in destiny? Follow along the ins and outs of Andrew and Zelda. From Executive Producer Rashida Jones comes a fresh new comedy about dating in the modern world.

Format: Half-hour comedy (single-camera)
Cast: Ben Feldman, Cristin Milioti, Henry Zebrowski, Lenora Crichlow, Christina Kirk, Katey Sagal
Initial Impressions: If smells like a rom com, it is a rom com. And this wreaks of rom com. It doesn’t come off as particularly original, but it’s a guy meets girl with a fairly interesting cast. The real question is if this can be entertaining enough to overlook the bland premise. I want to see both Cristin Milioti and Lenora Crichlow win, but the trailer doesn’t make me excited to see the show.


Official Synopsis:

This special event miniseries picks up where the smash hit, “The Bible,” left off, continuing the greatest story ever told and exploring the exciting and inspiring events that followed the Crucifixion of Christ.

As most of the world knows, the Crucifixion was only the beginning of the story. The immediate aftermath of Christ’s death had a massive impact on his disciples, his mother Mary, and key political and religious leaders of the era, completely altering the entire world in an instant. Watch as the disciples struggle to survive and share their beliefs, guiding us from the sorrow of Christ’s ultimate sacrifice to the awe-inspiring wonder of the Resurrection and beyond.

From Executive Producers Roma Downey and Mark Burnett comes an uplifting spiritual journey through the later chapters of biblical history.

Format: Event miniseries
Cast: unknown
Initial Impressions: With no cast revealed, we still get an idea of how this will do. It’s religious nature will either make it crash and burn or it will be a hit. Either way it’s fairly sure to bring in ratings.


Official Synopsis:
It’s 1967 and the era of free love, drug experimentation and Vietnam is in full effect. When the teenage daughter of a respected lawyer goes missing, LA Police Sergeant Sam Hodiak (David Duchovny, “Californication,” “The X-Files”) starts asking around. He soon discovers that the hippie kids he’s questioning don’t take kindly to cops, especially one with hair as short as his. Needing the help of someone they trust, he partners with rebellious undercover cop Brian Shafe, a man who’s more comfortable rolling a joint than patrolling a beat. It’s not long before they stumble upon a small-time cult leader seeking out vulnerable women to join his cause. From there, they follow this man’s trail down a rabbit hole of drugs, sex, murder and cultural revolution. Little could they know, however, the guy they’re hunting will eventually become the killer we now recognize as Charles Manson. He was a lost soul who desperately wanted to get into the music scene of the ’60s until something snapped. This is the show that will explore the cat-and-mouse game between him and the police, which will go on for several seasons ultimately ending with the infamous Tate-LaBianca murders.

Format: One-hour drama
Cast: David Duchovny
Initial Impressions: Again, no trailer yet, so I can’t be decisive. Unless the early murders and crimes revolving around Charles Manson are interesting enough to keep us compelled I’m not entirely sold on this one.

Bad Judge

Official Synopsis:
No excuses, no apologies, no compromises. Wild child Rebecca Wright (Kate Walsh, “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Private Practice”) knows how to have a good time, but she also happens to be one of LA’s toughest and most respected criminal court judges. She has a reputation for unorthodox behavior in the courtroom, including creative sentencing and saying exactly what’s on her mind.

Her private life, on the other hand, is anything but innocent. She parties too much and rocks out on the drums in a band with her best friend, Jenny. While there’s no shortage of male admirers who would love to spend time with her, she’s not ready to settle down… except when an eight-year-old boy – whose parents were put in jail by Rebecca – needs her help. He may in fact be the one thing that starts to tame this “bad” judge.

From Executive Producers Will Ferrell and Adam McKay (“Anchorman,” “Step Brothers,” “Talladega Nights”) comes a sexy new comedy about a judge who always plays by her own rulings.

Format: Half-hour comedy (single-camera)
Cast: Kate Walsh, John Ducey, Tone Bell, Theodore Barnes
Initial Impressions: I’m not left with good vibes regarding this show. Sure, it’s an endearing premise. But I have such a hard time believing that she could carry on like she has an still retain a job as a judge is a bit too much for me to actually believe. Still, the comedy actually plays decently well if you can get past the outrageous situations. I don’t have high hopes.


Official Synopsis:
Based on the wildly popular comic book series “Hellblazer” from DC Comics, seasoned demon hunter and master of the occult John Constantine specializes in giving hell… hell. Armed with a ferocious knowledge of the dark arts and his wickedly naughty wit, he fights the good fight – or at least he did. With his soul already damned to hell, he’s decided to leave his do-gooder life behind. But when demons target Liv, the daughter of one of Constantine’s oldest friends, he’s reluctantly thrust back into the fray – and he’ll do whatever it takes to save her. Before long, it’s revealed that Liv’s “second sight,” an ability to see the worlds behind our world and predict supernatural occurrences, is a threat to a mysterious new evil that’s rising in the shadows. And now it’s not just Liv who needs protection; the angels are starting to get worried too. So, together, Constantine and Liv must use her power and his skills to travel the country, find the demons that threaten our world – and send them back where they belong. After that, who knows… maybe there’s hope for him and his soul after all.

From Executive Producer David S. Goyer (“Batman Begins,” “The Dark Knight Rises”) and director Neil Marshall (“Game of Thrones,” “The Descent”) comes a dark new thriller that proves fighting evil is a hell of a job.

Format: One-hour drama
Cast: Matt Ryan, Lucy Griffiths, Harold Perrineau, Charles Halford
Initial Impressions: As I’ve mentioned previously, I am extremely excited about this show. The trailer only amps up the excitement. It is another dark drama that they can add to their roster with Grimm and the even darker Hannibal. If it does well, it will be yet another DC success on the small screen. If the production quality is able to stay as high or close to what we are seeing in this trailer we will be in for a treat.

Emerald City

Official Synopsis:
Desperate for clues that will lead to the identity of her biological mother, a young woman breaks into a sinister underground facility somewhere in the Midwest. Unable to complete her mission and surrounded by security, our feisty heroine steals a K9 police dog and drives away into the night… and headlong into the path of a raging tornado. In the blink of an eye, she is transported to another world, one far removed from our own – a mystical land of competing kingdoms, lethal warriors, dark magic and a bloody battle for supremacy. This is the fabled Land of Oz in a way you’ve never seen before, where wicked witches don’t stay dead for long and 20-year-old Dorothy Gale becomes a headstrong warrior who holds the fate of kingdoms in her hands. You’re not in Kansas anymore, and this is not your grandmother’s Oz.

From the executive producer of “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles” comes “Emerald City,” a dark and epic reimagining of the worlds created by L. Frank Baum, based on his 14-book “Oz” series.

Format: One-hour drama
Cast: unknown
Initial Impressions: With no idea of the cast, or little other than the blurb there isn’t much to go on. There’s no telling if this rendition of the world of OZ is going to be ridiculous or entertaining.

Heroes Reborn

Official Synopsis:
On September 25th, 2006, NBC’s Heroes was first introduced to the world, and a global phenomenon was born. For four suspense-filled and action-packed seasons, this captivating and universal tale of ordinary people who discover superhuman abilities – and their individual roles in the coming final battle between good and evil – mesmerized audiences in a way like no other show before it, earning a loyal fan base and a number of awards and nominations with the Emmys®, Golden Globes and People’s Choice Awards, among others.

Since its first departure from the airwaves, the Heroes universe and mythos has evolved in a way no one could have imagined, spawning an online extension of the series (Heroes 360 Experience, later rebranded as Heroes Evolutions), interactive websites, mobile games, graphic novels, merchandise tie-ins and a multitude of original web content.

And now, the epic saga will come to life again for a new generation in Heroes Reborn. On February 22nd, 2014, a 20-second teaser trailer for the 13-episode miniseries first appeared on YouTube and to date has garnered over 4.5 million hits, piquing the interest of fans the world over who can’t wait to see what surprises the world of Heroes has in store for us next.

Revitalized, re-energized and reborn, the Heroes saga continues in the summer of 2015 as new and returning characters collide in the epic and never-ending battle between the powers of good and the forces of evil.

Format: Event miniseries
Cast: Unknown
Initial Impressions: Heroes was great in the beginning. Then it went a bit downhill. This reemergence of the Heroes brand can end up being great. It will utilize both old and new characters and potentially do what the show intended to do from the very beginning. Follow a new set of cast members on their own unique journey.

Marry Me

Official Synopsis:
Six years ago, Annie and Jake bonded over their mutual love of nachos, and they’ve been inseparable ever since. Now, after returning from a romantic two-week island vacation, Jake’s all set to pop the question. But before he can ask, Annie lets loose on Jake for his inability to commit. She was expecting him to “put a ring on it” in paradise, dammit! Needless to say, Jake’s perfect proposal is ruined.

Not wanting to spend the next 60 years talking about that mess of a proposal, Jake and Annie decide to hold off on the engagement until they can do it right. But if history tells us anything, it’s when we really want things to go right that they all tend to go wrong. The only thing we know for sure is these two are destined to be together whether they can get it together or not.

From David Caspe, the creator of “Happy Endings,” and Seth Gordon, the director of “The Goldbergs,” “Identity Thief” and “Horrible Bosses,” comes a fresh new romantic comedy about the funny and often bumpy road between “I will” and “I do.”

Format: Half-hour comedy (single-camera)
Cast: Ken Marino, Casey Wilson, Sarah Wright, John Gemberling, Tymberlee Hill, Tim Meadows
Initial Impressions: I was a huge fan of Happy Endings, and I genuinely enjoy the cast. My biggest concern is that the premise of the show is limited. How long can the show actually last before it needs to end. That doesn’t mean we can’t potentially enjoy a good season or too. Unfortunately, the trailer doesn’t leave me dying for more. But it still seems worthy of checking out.

Mission Control

Official Synopsis:
Houston, we have a problem! Dr. Mary Kendricks (Krysten Ritter, “Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23”) is a tough but brilliant aerospace engineer, leading a team of NASA scientists at the cutting edge of space exploration. The only problem is, this is the 1960s and she’s a woman. Navigating the ridiculous boys’ club of astronauts and engineering nerds is no easy task, but she’s up to the challenge… until her boss brings on Tom (Tommy Dewey, “The Mindy Project”) – a former hotshot test pilot and overall man’s man – to co-manage her team. It doesn’t help that he initially mistakes her for a secretary. Between him, her astronaut boyfriend Cash and her offbeat all-guy team, Mary certainly has her hands full… but at the end of the day, they all want the same thing: to get a man on the moon. It might just take a woman to get him there.

From Executive Producers Will Ferrell and Adam McKay (“Anchorman,” “Step Brothers,” “Talladega Nights”) comes a workplace comedy, in the tone of “Anchorman,” about the golden age of American ingenuity and space travel… if they can just get their ship together.

Format: Half-hour comedy (single-camera)
Cast: Krysten Ritter, Tommy Dewey, Malcolm Barrett, Jonathan Slavin, Julie Meyer
Initial Impressions: There is no trailer for this yet, but from the minds of Adam McKay and Will Ferrell with Krysten Ritter in the lead, I am completely own board. This will be a period workplace show, similar to Agent Carter. But Where Agent Carter will likely have more drama and Action, Mission Control will have comedy. Without the trailer, there’s no indication how well this show actually works, but it’s got me interested.

The Mysteries Of Laura

Official Synopsis:
Debra Messing (“Will & Grace”) stars as Laura Diamond, a brilliant NYPD homicide detective who balances her “Columbo” day job with a crazy family life that includes two unruly twin boys and a soon-to-be ex-husband (Josh Lucas) – also a cop – who just can’t seem to sign the divorce papers. Between cleaning up after her boys and cleaning up the streets, she’d be the first to admit she has her “hot mess” moments in this hilariously authentic look at what it really means to be a “working mom” today. Somehow she makes it all work with the help of her sexy and understanding partner, and things get even more complicated when her husband ironically becomes her boss at the precinct. For Laura, every day is a high-wire balancing act.

From Executive Producer/Writer Jeff Rake (“Boston Legal,” “The Practice”), Executive Producer Greg Berlanti (“Green Lantern,” “Brothers & Sisters”) and Executive Producer/Director McG (“Terminator Salvation,” “Charlie’s Angels”) comes an action-packed, but lighthearted cop show with a twist, based on the popular Spanish series about one woman’s quest to have it all.

Format: One-hour drama
Cast: Debra Messing, Josh Lucas, Laz Alonso, Janina Gavankar
Initial Impressions: This show can either hit or miss as it appears to meld a standard hard hitting cop procedural with comedic aspects of being a single mother. While the trailer gave away the entire plot of the first episode, we got a good feel about who this Laura is and she seems to be interesting. We’ll have to wait to find out if this blend of cop drama and comedy works.

Mr. Robinson

Official Synopsis: As lead singer and keyboardist of a rock band, Craig (Craig Robinson) knows a thing or two about working the crowd. But his day job is where he really makes the grade.

Every struggling artist knows the drill: you gotta pay the bills while you wait for that big break. So when Craig finds himself short on cash, he takes a job as a substitute teacher. It’s an easy gig, right? Throw a DVD in the player, dim the lights and sleep off last night’s party. But when he realizes that the kids think his class is an easy A, Craig’s inspired to inspire his students. Music is his passion and he’s not about to let anyone sleep though this period… period.

The school principal (Jean Smart) is a woman who believes that rules were made to be strictly upheld. She’s none too fond of Craig’s unorthodox teaching style – or his crush on the pretty English teacher. If he wants to keep his gig, get the girl and teach these kids the joys of music, he’ll have to buckle down, shape up and rock out.

From Executive Producer Howard Klein comes the story of a teacher who’s always getting schooled.

Format: Half-hour comedy (single-camera)
Cast: Craig Robinson, Jean Smart, Ben Koldyke, Amandla Stenberg
Initial Impressions: I’m a fan of both Craig Robinson and Amandla Stenberg, but that doesn’t mean this show necessarily has legs. Again, I’ll reserve judgment until there is at least a trailer, but I’m not jumping for this one.


Official Synopsis:

In this “Traffic”-like action drama, an international conspiracy explodes when three strangers’ lives unexpectedly collide – a female soldier, a corporate lawyer and a political activist.

After a team of American soldiers battle jihadists in North Africa, they’re shocked to find that one of the men they killed is Al Qaeda’s top man. Sergeant Odelle Ballard – a soldier, mother, wife and the unit’s only female member – discovers computer files that suggest a major U.S. corporation is funding the jihadists. But before she can tell anyone, her team is attacked and left for dead. News is reported that the unit was wiped out, but the truth is that Odelle survived and is the only witness to her unit’s assassination by U.S. Special Forces.

In New York, former U.S. Attorney Peter Decker is working on a merger deal for the same company that was funneling money to the jihadists. And meanwhile, Harrison Walters, a political activist and trust fund kid, meets a hacker who claims to have unearthed a massive military-industrial conspiracy. And he’s right: he’s stumbled onto the cover-up that began with Odelle and will soon be out in the open… and everyone’s lives will be in danger. The only way they’ll ever save their country, their families and themselves is by joining forces and exposing the people behind it.

From director Peter Horton (“Grey’s Anatomy”) comes a complex journey through global politics, military secrets and three strangers who only have one thing in common… the truth.

Format: One-hour drama
Cast: Anna Friel, Peter Facinelli, Jake Robinson, Jim True-Frost, Treat Williams, Nate Mooney, Elena Kampouris, Daniella Pineda, Sadie Sink, Adewale Akkinouye-Agbaje, Omar Ghazaoui
Initial Impressions: Not even going to attempt to weigh in on this one without a trailer.

One Big Happy

Official Synopsis:
Best friends Lizzy (gay and a bit type-A) and Luke (straight and more laid back) are like family. When they were kids and both of their parents were getting divorces, they stuck together, and they’ve been there for each other ever since. Now, all grown up and still single, they’ve decided to start a family of their own. No, not like that (there are some lines even they won’t cross) – we’re talking the non-romantic, go-to-the-doctor’s-office type of baby-making.

Then one night, after yet another failed attempt at conception, the two head out to a bar to let off some steam. That’s where Luke meets Prudence, a free-spirited British girl who’s slated to go back to England in a matter of days. Lizzy isn’t a huge fan – it might have something to do with Prudence waltzing around their apartment naked – but Luke really hits it off with her… and next thing he knows, they’re spending every last minute of her limited time together. But just as Lizzy discovers that she’s actually pregnant, Luke announces that he and Prudence got married. Ta-da! A different kind of family is born.

From Writer Liz Feldman (“2 Broke Girls”) and Executive Producer Ellen DeGeneres comes a new comedy about a family no one was expecting.

Format: Half-hour comedy (multi-camera)
Cast: Elisha Cuthbert, Nick Zano, Kelly Brook, Brandon Smith, Rebecca Corry, Chris Williams
Initial Impressions: I want to like it because of Elisha Cuthbert and Nick Zano, but I’m not getting a good vibe. It feels like the story could run out of room after a while and would rely solely on the comedy of their situation. Without a trailer, there’s no way to know how well that comedy actually plays on screen.

State of Affairs

Official Synopsis:
Each day the President is faced with dozens of life and death decisions, and to prioritize the biggest international crises facing the country, one top CIA analyst – Charleston Tucker (Katherine Heigl, “Grey’s Anatomy”) – assembles the President’s Daily Briefing.

This list of the most vital security issues facing the nation brings with it moral and political judgment calls for Charleston and her trusted group of brilliant analysts at the agency. Aside from the political minefields she has to walk, Charlie has a close personal relationship with the President (Alfre Woodard, “Desperate Housewives”) because she was once engaged to her son before a tragic terrorist attack took his life. Charlie survived that attack and is now determined to bring the perpetrators to justice.

Navigating a complex personal life and a pressure-cooker profession is, of course, a challenge, and Charlie sometimes engages in boundary-pushing behavior to avoid facing her grief. But when the clock strikes 2 a.m., she is all about her job – protecting her nation, serving her president and still trying to get to the bottom of her fiancé’s murder that will reveal itself as a shocking mystery.

From Writer/Director Joe Carnahan (“The Blacklist”) comes a high-octane, edge-of-your-seat thriller that could change the way you see politics, the White House and the world at large.

Format: One-hour drama
Stars: Katherine Heigl, Alfre Woodard, Adam Kaufman, Sheila Vand, Cliff Chamberlain, Tommy Savas, Leslie Odom Jr.
Initial Impressions: It appears to be a thriller, filled with lots of emotions. If the story holds strong, I imagine this being a hit for NBC. It also marks the return of Katherine Heigl to TV since her departure from Grey’s Anatomy in 2010.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Official Synopsis:
After 15 years of living in a cult, the unbreakable and wide-eyed Kimmy (Ellie Kemper, “The Office”) is rescued along with three other women, causing a national sensation that culminates with an appearance on the “Today” show. Before getting back on the bus to Indiana, however, Kimmy decides it’s time to reclaim her life. Armed with just a backpack, light-up sneakers, a couple way-past-due library books and a big wad of rescue-fund cash, she’s ready to take on New York City. It’s easily the best time of Kimmy’s life and she makes a spontaneous decision to rent a room from Titus, a wannabe Broadway actor who makes a living as a robot in Times Square. Motivated to start moving forward, Kimmy gets a job as a nanny for an Upper East Side family and it quickly becomes clear to her that money and status aren’t synonymous with happiness (or even sanity). Determined to have a romance and take advantage of everything life has to offer, Kimmy is using her optimistic spirit to finally start having all kinds of adventures in a world she never knew existed.

From Writers and Executive Producers Tina Fey and Robert Carlock (“30 Rock”) comes a new comedy about a modern day Mary Tyler Moore, ready to make this city her own!

Format: Half-hour comedy (single-camera)
Cast: Ellie Kemper, Tituss Burgess, Sara Chase, Lauren Adams
Initial Impressions: No trailer for this either, but the premise is entertaining. Not to mention it will be the return of Ellie Kemper and it’s the brainchild of Tina Fey

What NBC shows are you looking forward to most? Which do you think will make it? And what about those trailers?

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