Batman’s New Suit and Ride

As you all have probably seen before that massive photo is of the new Batman Suit that Ben Affleck will be wearing in Batman vs Superman. There are similarities to the Jim Lee and Frank Miller Batman. The photo was released in a very greyed out image of Batman standing beside his Batmobile. This batman has short ears and his muscles are bulging. In fact, he is huge to the point where you can almost see his veins bulging. Some people are taking issue with the tiny ears, but I think the suit looks great. He feels more like a man that has the size to back up the things he is doing.

We can’t forget about the Batmobile which was prominent in the photo as well. The Batmobile is intentionally a great departure from the Nolan tank like vehicle. This is to help separate the audience and make it clear that this is a very different Batman. The result is the return to a more dragster like armored vehicle. It looks more fast the powerful. The only bit of the Batmobile that I wasn’t so fond of was how large the windows are, but that is a small quibble in comparison to the whole shebang.

Those involved have teased that we will be seeing Wonder Woman’s costume soon as well.

What do you think of the new suit? the Batmobile? Does this make you more excited about Batman vs Superman?

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