Watch Dogs is Coming

Almost 2 years ago at E3 2012 we were first teased about Watch Dogs by Ubisoft. It was a near future science fiction game in which hacking into every day life and causing chaos was possible from a phone. Yes, it’s not too far off from what we see now, but it was an interesting twist. The demo that was played was fascinating as we moved through Chicago hacking into various people’s lives and electronics. The result was a lot of interest. Fast forward to E3 2013 and we were regurgitated a strikingly similar demo, but we had a date. November 2013 to coincide with the launches of the new consoles. It was intriguing, exciting, and for a while we all had our hopes up. Then right before the release, we learn it’s been delayed 6 months.

Watch DogsRelax, It’s Coming
Sure, we had to wait 6 additional months for this game, but I’m glad they made us wait. It would have been bad if we received a trash game just because they gave in to the time crunch. Ubisoft wasn’t ready to put out a subpar game. In order for them to give us a good game, they needed to spend more time developing. They needed to work longer to create a game that they would be proud putting out. I never have a problem with developers doing this because it means we are getting a better game as a result rather than getting something that isn’t as good as it needs to be. The key is making sure that the audience looking to buy the game stays interested and doesn’t think they are now going to buy a flawed game. The development can’t enter development hell where it is a project that is being worked on forever. I’m looking at you The Last Guardian.

Watch DogsMay 27th
We have a date. The improvements have been made. Sure, it is cross generational, so we know it won’t be utilizing the power of the new generation. Yes, in some ways it will, but it won’t be designed for these consoles. The game will be entertaining with the creators claiming that there is over 40 hours of gameplay. This is one of those games where if you buy it, you are getting a worthwhile investment. It’s so close to we can almost taste it. I for one am entirely ready to dive into this new world head first and see what Watch Dogs has to offer me.

Are you excited about Watch Dogs?

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