Game of Thrones – Mockingbird

We caught up with Tyrion who after his declaration at the end of the last episode. Jamie even paid a visit to his brother where it was very clear that as much as Jamie would like to fight for Tyrion, he wasn’t nearly strong enough to do so against The Mountain. Yes, Cersei had The Mountain called in to Kings Landing to fight Tyrion. With the third actor now playing The Mountain it was great to see him finally revealed and taking down the poor peasants he killed as training. Tyrion then got another visitor in the form of a well clad Bronn. It became very apparent that Bronn was bought off by Cersei. While they exchanged their condolences and the appreciation of their former relationship.

MockingbirdIt was Tyrion’s final visitor that left the best impression. Prince Oberyn strolled in to Tyrion’s chambers in a way that made it seem like he was coming to say a final goodbye. Instead we learned that Cersei had tried to sway him, but he saw through her act. Like many of the things Oberyn has brought to light in his time in King’s Landing, he doesn’t agree with the Lannisters hatred for Tyrion. He told a story of how he first met Tyrion when he was but a baby and Oberyn was a young child. Unlike the rumors of Tyrion and the words a young Cersei said about the child that was supposed to be a monster, Oberyn only saw a baby with slightly different proportions. With knowledge of The Hound being Tyrion’s opponent, Oberyn vows to help Tyrion. First to take down The Hound who wronged his family, and then all others, including the Lannisters.

Arya and The Hound were still traveling toward the Eyrie for the ransom, but they encountered a raavaged location. After putting a man out of his misery, The Hound was attacked by some men who were seeking the money that would be associated with killing The Hound. The Hound dispatched the first attacker, but not without gaining a nasty wound. Arya recognized the other as another man who’d wronged her. The only difference was that she didn’t know his name to put him on the list, but The Hound corrected that for her and she quickly dispatched him. The Hound’s wound still needed tending and Arya wanted to use fire, but The Hound freaked out when she approached. He then told his story about how The Mountain burned his and how that scarred him emotionally as well.

Brienne and Podrick encountered Arya’s old friend. While Brienne spouted her allegiance to the Starks, Podrick didn’t find it so smart. And Podrick certainly had a point, but in this case, it was beneficial as they learned that Arya was indeed alive and being taken to the Eyrie.

MockingbirdDanerys didn’t have much to do this episode, but as she is ruling Meereen, she wishes to restablish her rule over Yunkai as well. It helped that Daario was feeling useless as he and the other hired hands roamed the streets acting as glorified knights. In fact he came to her claiming that he was only good at two things, killing men and bedding women. So of course they pursued that latter course of action, before she sent him off to Yunkai to teach the masters a lesson yet again.

And let’s end with Sansa. Sansa has never been in a good situation. Sure, she was a foolish girl at first, but for quite a while, she’s been nothing more than a girl trapped in a position under the watchful eye of others. She longs for home and what once was, even now that she’s in the Eyrie with relatives. It’s unfortunate that both Robyn and Lysa are nuts. It was a great moment to see Sansa smack Robyn, but like the little bitch he was he ran off. Littlefinger had seen what she had done, but wasn’t mad at her actions, saying his mother needed to have done it a long time ago. But then things started to get awkward as Littlefinger got closer, until he finally kissed Sansa. And Lysa saw it, sending her into a jealous spiral. She was ready to send Sansa out the hatch when Littlefinger arrived. He made it very clear to Lysa that he’d only every loved Catelyn and then shoved her out the hatch.

What did you think of the episode?

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