Guardians of The Galaxy Second Trailer Released

I know that I have been freaking out for the past few days as I’ve been fed teaser trailer after teaser trailer all leading up to the release of the second full trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy. Now the teasers piqued my interest, but I was ready and waiting for the release of the full trailer. That is what everyone wants out of this upcoming Marvel/ James Gunn Space Opera film which includes a talking raccoon (but don’t call him a raccoon) and a giant walking plant creature that can now only say (“I am Groot”). Yes, it all sounds a bit outlandish when you factor in the androids and number of space races that we’ll encounter. Even the protagonist Peter Quill aka Star Lord is only half human. That said, Guardians of the Galaxy is shaping up to be a fresh take on the space opera.

The Second Trailer

My expectations were high for the trailer as it is by far my most anticipated film of the summer movie season. I can say with great relief that the trailer paid off. Yes, we saw the same scene of Djimon’s Honsou’s Korath the Pursuer encountering and chasing Star Lord. This time around, we got to see more of Star Lord’s iconic mask as he fled. It is a fun sequence that will likely be a nice action piece in the movie, however it also seems that it results in the capture of the entire team.

Guardians of the Galaxy Promo

First Promotional Poster

One of the most important thing this trailer did was final establish some sort of understanding of the plot. It made sense that the first trailer was mainly meant to introduce these unknown characters and establish the tone of the movie. It was the first trailer, but with the second trailer, we got a much quicker introduction that made us understand the story. It seems that The Guardians of the Galaxy are being reluctantly recruited to save the lives of what is likely an entire planet. In this we saw our first on screen look at Nova Prime Rael, head of the Nova Corps. It was already known that Nova Corps were going to be included in the film, but it seems that they are running this operation with The Guardians acting as essentially their strike team.

Leading up to the release of the trailer, it was teased that we would be hearing the voice of Rocket, voiced by Bradley Cooper, and this trailer certainly played out on that. He’s a no-nonsense kind of guy and it was great to finally hear him really talking even if it was slightly jarring. That moment of oh crap he’s talking, quickly wears away and you get to see how crude he is. You have to love that moment of him adjusting his crotch. We also got another surprise in that we saw got to hear Groot speak as well even if he only said “I Am Groot”. Heads up, that is all he will ever say, but you can expect all sorts of different inflections and meanings behind those three little words. Getting to heat both Rocket and Groot was a great addition to a trailer that upped the ante from the previous trailer.

Guardians of the Galaxy - Nebula


One other great thing that the trailer did was give each of the team, Star Lord, Groot, Drax, Gamora, and Rocket a chance to show their skills. For Star Lord it was seeing him in his thieving ways with that mask. Drax got to flex how truly strong and powerful of a fighter he is as we saw not only shots of how massive he was, but also a bit of combat. Again, we saw Gamora being an adept fighter. We also saw Rocket go crazy with his big gun of his. As for Groot, other than being startled by the music, and sprouting more twigs from his body, he also threw down an opponent with such ease that it almost seemed like he was playing with a toy.

Oh and we finally got a good look at Lee Pace’s Ronan the Accuser at the :52 second mark.

What to expect
I won’t go too far into who the Guardians of the Galaxy actually are, as I gave a brief introduction of them back when the first trailer came out in February. Instead, we are better off talking about what this film is going to mean for the marvel universe. It is very clear that this film stands to be the most out there of all the Marvel films we’ve seen to date as we are literally taking the universe to space. Some may say that in a way we alread have with our look at Asgard, but Guardians of the Galaxy is space as we know it. It isn’t dimensions and it isn’t a shifting of worlds. This is space, with nebulas, and stars, and faraway planets. Marvel is taking a gamble by creating a film that is a space opera, off of Earth, with a group of characters we’ve never been introduced to on screen and, for many people, that are pretty much unheard of. Add on top of it that these are not your traditional heroes, but a ragtag team of misfit anti-heroes.

Guardians of the Galaxy - Star Lord

Star Lord

The Guardians of the Galaxy is also the most distant from the MCU that we know. The story while, it will likely, link in to a grander story line involving the infinity gems, it all relies on this film’s success. Thus, it doesn’t link into the other films quite as neatly. In fact it probably won’t link at all, but serve as it’s own standalone universe that might as well be in another universe for the time being. Simply put, The Guardians of the Galaxy are too busy fighting much bigger battles on a universal scale to be worried over the affairs of Earth.

I don’t know about you, but the more I see of Guardians of The Galaxy the more I am exciting to finally see this movie come August 1st. It looks like it will be a solid entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe with a unique James Gunn flare. And based on the Q&A and other interviews, Gunn seems truly invested in this film and potential franchise.

Are you excited for Guardians of the Galaxy?

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