The 100 – I Am Become Death

The landing of the ship was pure devastation. What looked like an explosion was a true explosion with charred skeletons and parts. Raven quickly figures out tht the entire site is to be deemed a hazard zone because not all the rocket fuel burned up.

I Am Become DeathThe Jasper and Octavia romance is clearly over. Jasper is boasting about what he did at the meeting with the grounders. people are now looking to him in awe, but it was quickly disrupted by a grounder alarm going off. Everyone quickly set into a panic and shots were fired. They found Murphy lying on the ground. Murphy gaveup all the secrets about the hundred, but Finn still wasn’t standing for it. it seems that Finn has stepped in as the moral character that Wells once was.

Jasper is really letting things go to his head. When Monty points out that a girl was throwing herself at him, Jasper brushes her off. And then when Monty points out that holding out for Octavia is foolish since she likes Lincoln. Jasper doesn’t take to this news very well. He thinks he still has a chance with her even though he is now touting how much he likes killing grounders. Jasper let this all go to his head and spot and the face of his friendship with Monty. Kicking Monty out of the tent was a low blow especially when Monty did nothing but point out the truth.

I Am Become DeathIt quickly becomes clear that Murphy brought something back with him. they infected Murphy and made him think he escaped. Clarke and the two guys who brought Murphy started showing signs of infection. Very shortly after all the sick are together, one of them dies. Clarke imposes an immediate quarantine on anyone who was in contact with any of the infected. That included Octavia who didn’t show any signs of infection. Clarke sends Octavia out for the cure. Apparently, the sickness passes quickly and there will people who are immune, Octavia is one of them. But more importantly she learns that the grounders are planning to attack at dawn. Lincoln however, planned to get out of there with Octavia, but she was determined to do something first.

When chaos hit the camp as a few people started showing symptoms outside of the quarantine. Clarke had to settle it all down with a few shots in the air. That is before she nearly passed out. Finn caught her and despite Raven and Clarke’s urgings not to touch her, he did and brought her in to the quarantine. Finn clearly cares about Clarke and doesn’t give a damn about stepping on the feet of people he cares about. They determine that Finn is probably immune and the focus shifts to delaying the grounders attack by blowing the bridge.

I Am Become DeathBellamy getting sick was actually a great moment for his character. First Bellamy had to accept that he wasn’t in control and passed over the responsiblity of taking the shot to Jasper. He then made his way to the quarantine only to be helped by his sister and Murphy. Letting Octavia take care of her brother was a nice change. We did miss an opportunity for Bellamy and Clarke to bond some more.

We did finally see the end of the Finn and Raven saga. It was always clear how much she loved him, but he’d been shaky about her since she arrived. Raven broke it off and hopefully that means we won’t be dealing with anymore false love triangles.

What did you think of the episode?

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