Continuity and Logic Issues in X-Men Days of Future Past

X-Men Days of Future Past was a way to rectify all the missteps that were made in X-Men: The Last Stand and even in some ways X-Men Origins: Wolverine. There were so many things in those two films that went awry that it made sense that those who where retaking the helm wanted to fix everything that went wrong. In the process, that meant wiping clean the previous slate. Nothing worked better than adapting the Days of Future past story line which essentially brings us in to an alternate timeline, though the movie suggests that the prior future was merely erased. The result of wiping clean the events of one movie and also means that they brought down all of the other films in the process, three of which ranged from decent to really good.

The only films that are now relevant and contribute to the ongoing story lines are now X-Men First Class, and X-Men Days of Future Past. Yes, every other film is now gone, including last summer’s The Wolverine. The rest are just a series of potential events or events which exist in an alternate time line. For the first time, the movies are beginning to feel a bit more like the comics in that one of the comic events are spurring massive changes, but that means turning other things on their head. Another result of that are various continuity issues. While some of the issues are more logic issues, many others call in to question prior events. Thankfully for the creators, the majority of the issues actually called in to questions events that occurred in the films that are no longer part of the main story line.

Charles Xavier’s existence in the Future

X-Men: Days of Future Past

Future Charles Xavier

Most people will remember that Charles Xavier died in X-Men: The Last Stand. In fact, saying that he died is taking it lightly. He was completely obliterated. However, even X-Men: The Last Stand couldn’t live with that decision and included a tag that clearly implied that Charles Xavier survived the attack. The assumption was that Charles Xavier was able to mentally project his consciousness into someone else, likely someone who was in a coma. This would have allowed Charles to continue to exist and thus survived the attack. While this is hard to believe, the clues were there but that leads to other questions. One being that Charles shouldn’t be in his own body, it was destroyed after all. Yet in Days of Future Past it is very clearly the Charles Xavier that we all know and love. How he got his body back, we’ll never know. One guess that is floating around is that when Charles Xavier temporarily moved his consciousness it was to a twin brother. However in that case, it makes no sense as to why Charles is still wheelchair bound. The likelihood that he had a twin brother, in a coma, who also had a spinal injury is very slim.

Two Toads

We know there is a toad in the future. Most people probably remember the worst joke in the X-Men film when Storm laid it on as she shocked Toad. Yes, Toad in the 2000s and he definitely was not an old man. Instead, he was just one of Magneto’s lackeys. However, in Days of Future Past we clearly see that Toad was in the military in Vietnam. Yes, he was a young guy, but that would have made him much older by the time we got to X-Men in the timeline.

Lack of Sentinels

X-Men: Days of Future Past


We spent the entire original trilogy, plus the Wolverine films, with no sign of Sentinels. If Mystique really had assassinated Bolivar Trask which led them down that dark timeline that would mean the Sentinel program would have gone into effect in the 70s. Yet mysteriously there were no Sentinels in any of the prior films. There wasn’t even a mention of the potential threat of Sentinels. One would think that the Sentinels would be around in the big events of X-Men and X2. And the Sentinels would have found the final battle in X-Men: The Last Stand a freaking field day to go kill crazy. Yet, they were entirely absent. One could say that maybe it as an alternate time line, however that doesn’t work. Even if say X-Men existed in its own time line where the assassination was stopped, then X-Men, X2, and X-Men: The Last stand would be in an entirely separate third dimension due to the lack of Sentinels.

Mystique’s power wouldn’t make Sentinels that effective

This is more of a logic issue, but it doesn’t make complete sense as to why Mystique’s power was what would allow the Sentinels to become so powerful. It was rationalized that it was because she is a metamorph, shapeshifter. By studying her DNA that allowed them to adapt her ability to the sentinels. However, as a fan of the comics this doesn’t make total sense to me. Mystique is a shapeshifter, she doesn’t adopt others powers, that’s Rogue’s deal. Thus applying Mystique’s ability to the future Sentinels would simply allow the Sentinels to adapt to the mutants they were fighting by changing shape. Now, if they captured Rogue, it would make total sense. That said, one could rationalize that because Mystique has the ability to shift, that was all that they would need and they could simply develop outward from there.

With Azazel dead how will Nightcrawler come to be

X-Men: Days of Future Past

Raven / Mystique

We know that Azazel died, even if they managed to change the future, Azazel was still dead in both instances of the time line. Azazel along with a bunch of the other characters from first class including Angel, Emma Frost, and Banshee. They are all dead and they aren’t coming back. But if they are dead and had been away for a while as Trask did his experimentation how could Mystique and Azazel ever hooked up so they could have baby Kurt. I guess I should have said spoilers but this is a fact that’s out there. Mystique is Nightcrawler’s mother and Azazel his father. This can not be if Azazel is dead. Thankfully they do have an out on this one, they could always go the route that you can’t kill a demon, even if he’s not a true demon.

Wolverine’s Adamantium Claws

There is a lot of messy stuff going on with this one. Everyone remembers Wolverine for his Adamantium claws. Which is why it makes sense that when we were in the future we saw Wolverine with his classic metal claws. It also helped to strike a difference between future Wolverine and past Wolverine. What says different more than metal vs bone. Unfortunately, that came at the cost of not making sense in terms of the time line. In The Wolverine we ended the film with Logan stripped of his Adamantium claws. Like they were literally broke off his body and he was left with his original bone claws. Sure, he still had his Adamantium laced skeleton, but the claws were gone. So how did he get them back. It would be hard to believe that Logan would put himself through the mental torment along with the physical pain of going through the process to get the Adamantium back on his claws. Thus it doesn’t make much sense. Again they can manage to create an out by suggesting that things had really got so bad in the future that he would go through the process to be a bit stronger.

Alex and Scott Summers

X-Men: Days of Future Past

Havoc aka Alex Summers

This is one of those things that has been bothering me since X-Men First Class. I’ve ranted and raved until I lose my breath, but it doesn’t make sense. Alex and Scott Summers are brothers. They have similar abilites and they awakened at roughly the same time. However Alex Summers was included in First Class and Days of Future Past as a young man. Yet, there was no mention of Scott Summers. It is likely that the filmmakers will likely go the route that Alex is Scott’s father, but it really dampens the Scott Summers character by losing that sibling rivalry.

Dueling Moira McTaggerts

Moira was a major part of First Class. Despite major changes to her character, I was totally okay with it. The film even implied that they were going to have some sort of future together. Moira was entirely absent in this film. It doesn’t seem like her character to disappear, unless part of Xavier’s fall out had to do with Charles dive into the serum. I could buy that. What doesn’t make sense is that Moira also existed as a person who must have only aged a year a decade in the time between First Class and X-Men: Last Stand. She also had a major job change. What continuity errors did you pick up on? Do any of these issues bother you?

11 thoughts on “Continuity and Logic Issues in X-Men Days of Future Past

  1. Well, yeah. Even with X-Men: First Class we got continuity errors. With ANY type of story, especially one with an established universe, you’re asking for trouble when you introduce the ability to time travel. Why not send Logan back further to before Charles and Erik split? If Mystique’s death led to the creation of the Sentinels, how was she alive in the first three X-Men films? Alex is known as Scott’s younger brother, yet he’s introduced as being an X-Men first. How? No idea. As for Moira, given how Xavier wiped her mind with the magic kiss, actually consistent with his powers, unlike Superman’s magic kiss in Superman II, I doubt she’d remember much of what happened.

    As for Wolverine’s claws, yes, it is very glaring. The popular theory is that Magneto grafted new adamantium, but that’s still a challenging one. In addition, we never know how much time passed between The Wolverine and this film, so that’s another omission. Much of this has to do with a movie that introduces time travel, and those things are very noticeable, though I still enjoyed the film.

  2. Really great points raised by everyone! I didn’t know that about Nightcrawler, though now that I do, it makes so much sense! One thing I didn’t understand, at the very end, Wolverine is in awe when he sees everyone, including Storm, but he didn’t see storm die in the further, he was in the past. Okay, that’s not as glaring as all these other points, but it’s just one more thing I’m just supposed to overlook.

    That said, I cannot wait for the next one! I hope Phoenix is in it. ^_^ I feel like I need a whole movie in between this one and the next one just to explain what happened between 1973 and the future-present.

    • The next film will supposedly feature both old and new cast, but focus again on the First Class group. So we should get more to fill in the gaps. There’s a chance we may get to see young versions of characters like Storm.

      The most glaring thing that irritated me was the death of Bobby Drake as he’s an omega class mutant.

  3. The thing that really bothers me is Emma Frost and Banshee being killed ‘off screen’, their deaths just referred to as a side-issue. I don’t see the value of writing either of those characters out of the franchise so quickly, particularly Banshee who I thought was very cool in First Class. What do you think, Ashley?

  4. Azazel was a big one for me that you brought up!!

    With Charles, it’s said he transferred into his twin brother who was in a vegatative state for most his life. Which is why you see him in a wheel chair in the future because that body never developed proper muscels.

    As for Wolverine he was grafted with beta-adamantium which has all the strengths of normal adamantium but doesn’t inflict with Logan’s healing process. Another cool thing about it, it’s infused with logan’s dna so he actually regenerates it. I could be wrong here but i am too tired to check.

    -The thing that bothered me most is Warpath being depicted as a jobber… They did him no justice. The guy is a huge dude and strong, 75-ton level. He has taken a hit from world war hulk!!!! He should have been tossing around sentinals.. Same goes for colossus..

    Anyway thanks for writing.

    • It shouldn’t bother you too much that Azazel died because as cool as he was in first claas he was just a watered down version of the real Azazel. Azazel is over 2000 years old and he spent most of that time fighting and killing people becoming extremely skilled at both. Mix that up with the ability to teleport and you have one serious mutant on your hands, one that should never have been used as a lowly lackey for the likes of Sebastian Shaw and then Magneto. With the skills and experience this guy brings to the table there is no way the government or military could have possibly killed him or captured him for use in experimentation. As much as I loved the fact that they actually put him in a movie I hate the way he was portrayed as a lackey to Shaw and it makes me seriously worried about what they are going to do with Apocalypse, they’ll probably water him down too and make him a lot weaker than he is in the comics.

  5. charles , he should give a flash back of his history of how he recruited the young mutants , and read history through wolverine , picking up the pieces where wolverine left off when he said what do you remember and wolverine replied i remember drowning …………. also mystique taking wolverine into custody

    if charles does die it should be the epic moment where it lies on the fate of humanity , bishop should be around telling the mutants of the time change line , mutants that are good turn bad due to conflict or captured

    there should be jail cells for mutants made by the gorvernment , also apocalypse should have his right hand man to secretly spie , inflitrate the x-men , selecting mutants for grudge matches who will be worthy .
    storm , charles , magneto , mystique should be the four horsemen to protect apocalypse .

    rogue should play the one to be the key to apocalypse plans and also his distruction or cacoon him .
    just wondering if other mutants like mastermind , scarlet witch will be in the picture .
    in other franchise will there be couples like storm and black panther , emma and cyclopes, magneto renuite with children , night crawler renuite with his mother mystic or will he be a experiment ?

    the setinels should come again but not advanced like the days of future past as protecting humans if forced ever apllied for apocaplyse or couldbe used as a distraction
    the end scene should include other mutants being located from around the world

    there should be a story of wolverine and mystique could be as a flashback , also show the relatoinship between night cralwer and rogue as (brother and sister )

    the x men should fight the juggernaut , magneto , as a team

    psylocke shoould appear as a assassin forming bond with wolverine and quicksilver

    the brother hood should be creaed but quicksilver being the leader including toad , scarlet witch, the blob,

    they should introduce the leach that can draw your powers away maybe take away apocalype power as done in x 3 last stand kitty pride couldnt phase , juggarenaut couldnt hit though the wall ,

    p.s. what will happen if rogue touches him ? will the leach be drained or rogue will loose her powers to him
    also if wolverine gets close to will he turn to dust or show all wounds from previouse battles,

    will the timeline between wolverine and sabretooth change?
    will sabretooth be renuited with his daughter blink ?

    azazel should be alive but transported back to his home planet due to the earth materials that affect his body

    collossus and warpath would have been the heavy bouncers against the setinels

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