Omega Class Mutants

I had no intention of talking about Omega Class Mutants today. None, but when the topic keeps coming up in my conversations, I need to work that into my topics for the day. I promise this will be the last of my X-Men related posts. Omega Class mutants are the creme of the crop when it comes to mutants. These are the mutants that are so strong because of their abilities that set them apart from the rest of the bunch.

What is an Omega Class Mutant



An Omega Class mutant isn’t just a strong mutant. While they are the strongest group of mutants, an Omega Class mutant is said to have unlimited potential. It makes it so a mutant at that level has abilities that transcend typical manipulation.

Who are Omega Class mutants

Confirmed: Chamber, Elixir, Franklin Richards, Hope Summers, Iceman, Jean Grey, Kid Omega, Legion, Marvel Girl, Mr. M, Psylocke, Vulcan, X-Man
The follow mutants have been confirmed as Omega Class mutants: One of the most interesting things about Omega Class mutants is that a large number of the officially confirmed mutants seem to be in some way related to Jean Grey or Scott Summers (or at least have strong ties to them like Psylocke). It seems that their pairing and Jean in particular passes the trait on. It’s also notable that Franklin Richards is an Omega class, but while both of his parents had super powers neither was a mutant. The main character that stands out of on the list is Iceman, dear old Bobby Drake. His ability is that of controlling thermoneuclear power. I’ts hard to dispute that Bobby Drake is powerful when he has the ability to turn himself into a river and reconstitute himself. In one storyline he even went off to live at a pole because living anywhere else was too warm due to his secondary mutation.

Who are potential, but unconfirmed Omega Class mutants



Potentials: Charles Xavier, Dazzler, Emma Frost, Gambit, Jubilee, Magneto, Scarlet Witch, Storm
There are a number of mutants who are rumored to be part of the elite group of Omega Class mutants. While many of these mutants have not yet been confirmed it seems possible that these mutants would be the ones who would get the distinction. Magneto is believed to be a potential as well as his. Storm is believed to be an Omega class. While initially it was believed that she had major limitations to her ability, over time those limitations have dwindled. She’s been able to perform major acts of power with her weather manipulation. She has the ability to devastate everyone around her if she loses control similar to Jean Grey. In fact, it is most surprising that she has not been revealed as an Omega Class mutant out of all the potentials.

Alpha Class Mutants

Alpha and Omega always seem to be tied together, the begininng and the end. Either way, the term is also used in reference to mutants as well. Alpha Class mutants are mutants that are extremely strong with few flaws. The group that make up the Alpha level mutants are also the most likely grouping of mutants. The strongest of these mutants that also have secondary mutations may in fact have the potential to be Omega class mutants. By this logic, Gambit, Emma Frost, and Black Tom may be revealed to be Omega Class mutants. To go along with this theory, these three mutants have proven that they can exceed what they believed were their limits of their own abilities, similar to Iceman.

This is a subject I’m always trying to learn more about, so school me in the comments. Which Omega Class mutant is your favorite?

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