The 100 – The Calm

They may have ran the grounders away for the time being, but it isn’t a definite things. Just because the grounders aren’t rearing their ugly heads that doesn’t mean there aren’t internal problems. For one, there’s still a betrayer among the group. There’s also so discord between Raven and Finn. They broke up, but since they are in this together they have to deal with one another. Just when Raven was going to run off Bellamy convinced her to stay because they needed her smarts. But the biggest issue of the episode was clearly going to be the fact that all of their food burned with the entire store.

As Finn and Clarke went out to help with the hunting in their own little group they were hunted instead and captured by the grounders. They bring them back to the camp, demanding that Clarke help save one of the grounders and if she doesn’t then Finn will be killed. To lay the guilt on even more, the injured girl was hurt in the explosion on the bridge. Unfortunately, Clarke’s attempts to help the girl are met with hostility because it appears like she is hurting the girl.

The CalmThe show went into all levels of unbelievable when Clarke decided the girl needed a transfusion. Sure that may have been the necessary next step, but ignoring the fact that the blood types may not match and thus cause more harm than good is hard to ignore. There is a reason they always find out what time of blood you have before any transfusions are done. they tried to acknowledge the blood issue, but it proved not to matter as the girl died anyway. That meant Finn was going to die.

The grounders were willing to make an offer though. If Clarke stays with the grounders, both she and Finn will live, but she has to stay as their healer. But Clarke wasn’t taking that offer. As they discussed their kills, Clarke made her own first kill in a particularly vicious and entertaining attack. It gave Clarke her time to escape. But she was snared before she could reach the people searching for them.

Raven’s idea to move on was to hook up with Bellamy. He suggested that she moved on and she just went with it. Bellamy made it clear that he didn’t care and proceeded to take the opportunity in front of him with no hesitation. It wasn’t very difficult to know what would come next.

Things aren’t too great on the Ark. People are dying and things are only going to get worse since the damage done to the Ark was catastrophic. As Kane made his way through the most dangerous Area of the Ark. As they move along they find more and more people who are trapped in the same section. Unfortunately, no one is really doing well. They have to route air to the mess hall and even more was used when something caught fire before they could put it out. They are in a bad situation as they tr to get everything under control. They were able to figure out that not everyone may have escaped on the pod, but some may have hid in the service bay. There Kane found Abby.

What did you think of the episode?

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