Game of Thrones – The Mountain and The Viper

This week’s episode was all over the place and most of the story lines prove to have at least one shocker within them. All of this setting up for Game of Thrones 9th episode of the season which tends to have a major event played out. This year it appears it will be the confrontation of the Night’s Watch against the wildlings.

The Mountain and The ViperLet’s go from least impact to the most impact, that means starting with Arya. She and The Hound finally made their way to the Vale. However, upon arriving at the gates they were informed that Lysa had died three days before. So much for The Hound’s bounty. On the interior of the Vale, Baelish was brought in for questioning. The death of Lysa was under question by the others in the Vale. Sansa pulled through for Baelish though protecting him from being exposed as a murderer and potentially losing the one man who is protecting her. For Sansa, it was a very political move, but proved that she can in fact hang with the big boys when it comes to operating within the social parameters.

Out in Meereen Grey Worm was scoping Missandei real hard. Thankfully, she likes Grey Worm enough to take his apology graciously and also imply that his leering was welcome and appreciated. It was odd, but also endearing to see the beginning of this budding relationship. Also in Meereen, Ser Jorah’s betrayal that went down in season 1 was finally uncovered by Ser Barristan. As a result, Daenerys banished Ser Jorah. It made sense that he would be exiled considering he had deeply betrayed her trust. If there was any lesser punishment it would not have been just.

The Mountain and The ViperThen there was also scenes in the north. For one Theon donned his former persona, though slipped slightly. The money he vonvinced to surrender were just flayed by Ramsey and his men. This act however pleased Roose Bolton enough to finally give Ramsay the last name Bolton. Also in the north, the wildlings across the wall attacked the town Gilly was staying in. The floors were literally dripping blood. But despite the rampant murder Ygritte spared Gilly as she hid in the corner with her baby. Jon, Sam, and their friends within the watch were reeling over the news. However, it was clear that they knew Castle Black was to be next.

And then finally we had Tyrion’s trial by battle. As Oberyn went out and fought the Mountain with his wuushuu style it was rather impressive. At nearly half the size of the mountain it seemed an unlikely feat to beat the massive man. Yet, Oberyn’s style offered him mobility and he had the Mountain down. He could have killed him, but Oberyn’s vengeance and desire for The Mountain to confess was his undoing. As he taunted the downed Mountain, he was caught and it resulted in his death. In fact, one of the most brutal looking on screen deaths the show has seen. But Oberyn’s failure also meant that Tyrion was to die now as well.

What did you think of the episode?

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