The 100 – We Are Grounders Part 1

Those on the Ark have gone from having a few months to escape to having 51 hours to survive before everyone on there dies. What little they have left is for everyone on the ark. We don’t get much of an explanation as to how Abby survived which is irking me a bit. Abby spent her time back retreating in to saving anyone she could despite the fact that they would all die in two days.

We Are Grounders – Part 1Abby may have been useless when it came to finding a way out of their dire situation, but Jaha wasn’t. As he was reminiscing an old video of Wells and Clarke, he realized exactly how they would survive and it had to do with the Ark’s thrusters that kept them in position and generated their own gravity. Jaha’s plan was to bring the entire Ark to the ground, but that meant figuring out the 5% of the Ark that would survive the trip.

Bellamy is freaking out about the state of things especially with Clarke, Finn, and Monty missing. The camp is in a frenzy, but he’s not allowing anyone to go after them with guns, if they want to go they must be unarmed. This is stirring up a lot o tension in the group and Jasper wasn’t afraid to speak up. And then he caught Murphy killing the injured kid. For him it was revenge because was one of the ones who tried to kill him, but that just put Jasper in a hostage situation with Murphy where Murphy had a gun and Bellamy knew what was going on because of the radio. Realizing where this was all going, Bellamy agrees to take Jasper’s place as Murphy’s hostage, which Murphy agrees to.

We Are Grounders Part 1Bellamy may have been locked away, but Raven and Jasper climb in to the dropship. Raven realizes that under the ship has the same amount of gas underneath as the burned ship. That meant Jasper’s plan to go shooting inside to get Bellamy free went out of the window. Murphy was ready to string Bellamy up as he showed that he really wasn’t a good guy and was so far from being a person that could be trusted it was almost funny.

The fear of the grounders is just considering Clarke is being practically abused by the grounders, chained up and just waiting for them to kill her. Clarke was knocked out and carried to be killed, only for it to be revealed that Lincoln had come back and saved both Finn and Clarke. They need to move because Lincoln is now an enemy of his own people and isn’t quite loved by the 100 either. Before they can make a move Clarke needs to help Lincoln, removing an arrow and cauterizing it. Lincoln brings them to a plan that would force him to sacrifice himself while Finn and Clarke stole away, vowing to protect Octavia. Before they left, Lincoln gave them directions to find a contact that he had as all of the grounders descended on him. Clarke noticed some of the body parts hanging from a bin actually were from sickly alive people, but that meant Finn had to kill a man with a rock that attacked them.

We Are Grounders – Part 1Bellamy may have survived, but Murphy got free. However, it spurred Bellamy to make a change. He was going out to find those who went missing. Finn and Clarke arrived before they could go out looking for them. Bellamy isn’t ready to listen to Lincoln’s information as he’s a grounder. That didn’t change the fact that they needed to leave.

What did you think of the episode?

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