Playstation Plus May Be The Best Deal Ever

I’ve talked about Playstation Plus before, but recently a new change has arisen in the Playstation Plus landscape. And no, it isn’t a bad thing. With Microsoft finally realizing that it was a bit nutty when it came to what was allowed without a Gold membership, they changed things up. Microsoft is trying to take the Sony approach with the subscription service untieing the necessity to have Gold to use various streaming services and bringing Games with Gold to XBox One. They are also promising more games for Games with Gold to bolster the sorry lineup that they currently support. Those changes has spurred Sony in to action to help make it clear that what Playstation Plus offers is still superior even if Microsoft still has a better online gameplay fanbase.

Changes to Playstation Plus

Flash-Sale-RPG-DealsWe’ve been getting a steady stream of Playstation games made available on multiple platforms (PS4, PS3, Vita, and PSP). While the games appear roughly monthly, they came on at no set schedule. Pretty much, if a game was announced to be arriving that month, you needed to check back regularly to find the game. What I often found was that I could check for a game I knew to be coming in March in early March only to find that it wasn’t yet available, but the February game still was. I’m not complaining about that as it can be a bit more forgiving for people who are forgetful. Now however, games will officially release monthly making things a bit more clear as to when games are actually available.

Not only that, but Sony is increasing the number of free PS4 games that are available for free. Up to this point there has been only one PS4 game made available a month. That will be changing with 2 PS4 games being made available to gamers in both North America and Europe. Considering that the games are already new, the console has only been out 7 months, that means there a lot of new or relatively new games that are being made free.

Great Deals

Mass Effect Trilogy

Mass Effect Trilogy

Playstation Plus is a great deal in general. For one the cost is only $50 a year and you can rack up at least 12 free games a year easily and most likely more than that. That means each game is barely over $4. I don’t know what planet you live in, but that is an amazing deal. Especially when you are getting at least 10 hours of gameplay or more. But Playstation Plus doesn’t just provide you with free games, it also offers many more at a discount for Playstation Plus users, which is probably the best deal of them all. While the free games only remain accessible to you while you have a subscription, they don’t make you pay the discount difference when you buy a discounted game if your membership lapses and you continue to have access. That means you can save hundreds of dollars by utilizing their sale prices. The great thing is many of those games on sale are often relatively new games as well.

Flash sales are a nothing glorious thing. While they are not restricted to Playstation Plus users, they are events that can easily be passed up by the unobservant gamer or someone who isn’t looking for them. Just this morning I purchased the entire Mass Effect trilogy for $15 during the RPG Flash Sale, which featured tons of other great games as well. For a point of reference the trilogy currently retails at $39.99 for PS# and $29.99 on Amazon. So I saved anywhere between 50-65%. That is the kind of deal that I can get down with.

Do you use Playstation Plus? What do you like most about it?

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