The 100 – We Are Grounders Part 2 (Season Finale)

Things picked up immediately where they left off, with the 100 packing up to leave. Bellamy isn’t happy about the decision, but he’s willing to go along with it. He wants to fight more so than to flee, but there isn’t much they can do. Raven is still injured from the bullet Murphy put in her, forcing her to be carried as they left. However, the 100 aren’t able to get very far when a metal weapon is hurled into one of the 100’s face.

We Are Grounders Part II


The early attack threw everyone into a tizzy and forced everyone to split their decision. Some wanted to fight some wanted to flee. While Clarke won the first time, Bellamy won the second decision and they decided to right. It was a real blow to learn that the bullet that hit Raven had hit her spine and was paralyzing her as well as killing her. Finn decided the best bet was getting coagulant from Lincoln’s cave because saving her gave everyone the best chance to survive. it was also probably a plus to not have to see his ex that he still cared about die.

We got to see how grounders fight wars, but before they could even be seen the 100 started shooting and ran out of their bullets. As they bought Raven more time, she and Clarke shared a really good moment. I think the two characters play very well off each other and even if there is tension between the two their dynamic is one of the best. It was nice to see that the grounders had recaptured Murphy and had his radio knowing the 100’s every move. Octavia saved Bellamy from his imminent death, but took an arrow to the back. Raven was slowly slipping, until she finally passed out before they were able to finish as the walls fell to the grounders. Mid fight, the entire battlefield halted as they realized that the Ark was falling to Earth.

The Ark was on a crash course for Earth. Jaha is concerned with getting as many people to the Earth alive. Abby seems to be more concerned with getting close to the kids. Not the number one priority when getting there alive is more important. Unfortunately, the remote detonation failed and Kane had to sacrifice himself in order to get it to go. That would leave him with a weak to go. But before Kane could even make it to go, Jaha had initiated the detonation. He sacrificed himself so the others could get back to Earth.

We Are Grounders Part II


When the battle finally went all out it really went there as Lincoln and Finn led the Reapers in to attack the grounders. Lincoln found Octavia and Bellamy and for the first time ever the two men agreed on something. The only way they could get the most important girl in their lives alive was to have Lincoln take Octavia. The 100 started falling left and right, but the 100 were doing everything they could to stop the incoming grounders. In order to save Bellamy who was being slaughtered by the grounder leader he took a gun and ran out to save Bellamy. But his act of Valor just meant that he was stuck out there too when the doors were closed. While it almost didn’t work, Jasper finally made the take off and propane work, temporarily launching them a few feet in the air and burning everyone in the vicinity.

The people from the Ark landing for the first time was great. They managed to survive and reveled in the glory of the Earth. It, however, was a bittersweet moment as Jaha had to just hear the report from his death casket alone. he saved all their lives, for him to die alone. And unlike when it was filled with people, with him alone it will actually prolong his live. He went down like the captain of his ship and in many ways that was fitting. On the ground, Abby and Kane saw the smoke of the previous battle. As Clarke and the hundred exited the drop ship. Everything was filled with smoke and bones nothing at all left of people. However almost as soon as they exited they were assaulted by red tear gas as the mountain men swooped in with their laser sighted guns and took everyone on camp. When Clarke awoke she was cleaned up in a typical white room. White except for a picture of Starry Night on the wall, where she spotted Monty across the hall who had been missing for a couple episodes. More importantly she realized that she was in a quarantine ward.

What did you think of the episode?

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