Why I’m Excited about Little Big Planet 3

One of the things that excited me the most when it came to the games at E3 was most definitely the announcement of Little Big Planet 3. I’ve played the other two games with an excitement that is met with so much enthusiasm you would think that I’m a little kid. Then again, Little Big Planet is one of those game franchises that is just a lot of fun and it harkens back to the olden days of when mascots were all the rage. Getting a new adventure with Sackboy is a welcome announcement and to learn that it will be coming so soon is even more exciting. Yes, you heard right, starting in November Little Big Planet will be available for all of the world to create and enjoy. Some of the best news that came with the announcement was actually the fact that Little Big Planet 3 will allow you to play the old levels that were created from previous games.


Little Big Planet 3

LBP3 Demo

The other day when they showed the demo, I saw the magic of that world reignite. There were new things that the characters could do and the fact that the announcement seemed to come out of no where made it even more exciting. The demo also got to show off both new characters and new skills on Sumo Digital’s first go at the massive Playstation franchise. What is most exciting about this new game is that it isn’t forgetting it’s roots, while seemingly expanding the world. Instead of feeling like a stale rehash, so far it is coming off as a good next step for the brand.

New Studio

For the previous two games, we were in the hands of Media Molecule and boy did they do an amazing job at bringing the franchise to life. It was a breath of fresh air as a platformer that felt entirely new. Not to mention the whimsical nature that became synonymous with the franchise. However, Sumo is now in charge of bringing LBP to life as Media Molecule sets off on a new game. There was a lot of pressure to live up to the standard that Media Molecule created for the brand and from the first look they are doing a great job. It can be tough for a new studio to take over a beloved franchise. It doesn’t always work out well as we saw with Arkham Origins, which by no means is a terrible game, but did fail to live up to the standards that Rocksteady created for the Arkham franchise. Sumo appears to be doing a great job so far of making LBP a game that people will want to play.

New Characters and Skills

Little Big Planet 3

LBP3 – Toggle, Swoop, Oddsock, & Sackboy

One of the most exciting pieces of news that came along with the announcement of a new LBP game was the addition of new character types. Not that I was growing tired of Sackboy, but it’s nice to see that his world is expanding in interesting ways. The new additions are Oddsock, Toggle, and Swoop. Oddsock is a four legged creature, much like a dog that has a different skillset including jumping and being faster. There is also Swoop whos is adding the ability to fly to the game. It’ll be fun to see Swoop’s limitations, but having a flying character changes the game. The most entralling character is Toggle. While he may seem like an oaf of a character, but he’s very useful. The demo displayed him as being able to transition from the largest character capable of weighing objects down to the smallest character capable of being launched into the air. Even more interesting about toggle is that he is customizable. You can have Toggle change from not just little Toggle to bit Toggle, but also big Toggle to maybe Swoop or Oddsock.

Are you excited about LBP3?

One thought on “Why I’m Excited about Little Big Planet 3

  1. They’ve simple removed gadgets from the game and created characters in their place, swoop removes the hero cape, the dog character replaces wall jump tool etc

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