Guardians of The Galaxy International Trailer Released

The title says it all. After last week’s trickle of releases of the new character posters for Guardians of the Galaxy, today we received the new international trailer for the film. Promotional materials are coming in at a rapid pace as its August release is now fast approaching. It’s now crunch time to get the public interested in the offbeat Marvel franchise that will be a foray into the world of the space opera. In many ways, Guardians of the Galaxy is coming at the perfect time as the excitement for space operas is ramping up thanks to Star Wars officially being in production. I wouldn’t be surprised that this was a somewhat strategic move for Disney as they now own both the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the Star Wars Universe. Either way, there is a thirst for space opera at the moment and Guardians of the Galaxy will be there to fill that need.

The International Trailer

Unlike the previous two trailers that were dropped specifically for the US market, this Guardians of The Galaxy has a very different tone. Rather than using Peter Quill, aka Star-Lord’s mixtape as the soundtrack for the trailer we are treated to a score instead, likely in an attempt to not ostracize international markets which may not readily recognize some of the songs on his mixtape. The result was a somber tone to the trailer that felt more heartfelt than comedic.

Guardians of the Galaxy

Gamora and Star-Lord

Speaking of heartfelt, we start right out of the gate identifying that this isn’t a space opera filled with foreign creatures. We learn and see that Peter Quill was taken from earth as a child and has since been injected into this intergalactic world. From there we begin to see the ragtag team that makes up the guardians. Again the team is recounted as thugs, a thief, a murderer, and a maniac entrusted to save billions of people. This time around the tone of the trailer makes the stakes the team is up against feel more urgent. Not only that, but you get a sense that this team isn’t quite high functioning. Instead they are a team that are being forced to work together and make things work with their conflicting personalities.

While the tone was very different than previous trailers, we were still treated to some humor. This time in particular it originated from Rocket as he was messing with a bomb on their ship. It was funny to see Rocket interact with Star-Lord. The more I see of Rocket, the more sure I am that he will be a hit with people who will take to this walking talking raccoon looking alien. They argue and bicker and as a result we got a quick glimpse of how people, in this instance Star-Lord, can innately understand the different meanings of “I am Groot”.

The Posters

We knew that the individual character posters would be coming, but it’s nice to finally have there here and ready to see. They look great. It also gives you a very good up close look at the characters and how they will look. Drax, in particular, is extremely striking with his red markings looking more like scarring than his traditional plain tattoos. All of the characters really do look great.

What do you think of the new trailer? Are you excited about Guardians of the Galaxy? You can check out the write ups on the first and second trailers as well.

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