The Final Stretch

Nothing feels better than knowing that your story is coming to a close. It is even better when you know that it is likely going to end well. Coming together and securing loose ends and making everything feel like it came to some natural stop. It really is the best feeling.

The Almost There

Now, some people may think that the ending is the best part. You know that you are finally done with it. But for me that is just a reminder that soon I will need to get into the nitty gritty of polishing the story into a sheen that would make a professional shoeshiner jealous. No, it is that last bit right before the end that is really the best. The story has done it’s duty thus far. You’ve gotten through the hard part. You’ve passed through the dreaded middle. Somehow you’ve managed to make it to the end and make that story whole. But that little bit more is your treat. It’s your final goodbye to your characters. You can kill them or make them cry, have the whole world thankful to your character. You can do anything because while you tie up the final pieces it is your victory lap.

Sad Goodbye

The reason why the last bit is better than the end is because of the additional time you get to spend with the character. It’s bittersweet as you know it will end shortly, but for that brief time it’s a moment of peace with your character. I’m not a big fan of the end because once it is over, there is no more story for me to tell. My journey with the character is over. Sure, in some cases there is a chance for a sequel, but sometimes that isn’t possible. Journeys end and not everyone gets more than one.

Do you prefer endings or the final stretch?

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