On To The Next One

It is almost inevitable that after finishing writing a first draft, I want to start up on another project that I came up with near the end of my newly finished draft. It’s the idea of the shiny new project. Some people get so caught up in the idea of the shiny new project that they never finish a project because they have to jump to that new idea as soon as possible. Thankfully, I have more patience than that and have managed to finish drafts, but as a result, I don’t get to pen all of my great new ideas. It’s a trade off, but I can decide a best idea for my next project.

The End

After typing The End, not literally, there is this euphoric sensation that rushes through my whole body. All the effort that I put in for the last few weeks or months is done. No longer do I need to make sure that I’m rested and my ideas keep flowing. There’s this strange sort of release in the end of the story. It is something that is hard to explain to those who haven’t felt it. But in that moment the first stop to completing the story is done.

New Things

It’s really hard to resist the temptation to just start something new after finishing another project. For one, jumping in right away would result in an immediately burn out. And I mean damn near immediate burn out. Sometimes it is just too much to take on another large endeavor so soon after finishing another. I’m sure there are people who can manage it, but I prefer to create some sort of separation between projects. That separation allows for my shiny new idea to gestate and become fully formed rather than a half-baked plan that has the potential to be good, but just isn’t ready. Nothing hurts more than a great idea going to waste because you butchered it on your first attempt because you were a bit overzealous. That’s that pain that stings. That’s the kind of actions that can lead to regrets. And I do my best to not do or create situations that I know I may regret down the line.


It’s the leading emotion behind jumping in to another project. You want to get started and get your hands dirty. Excitement is a hard emotion to resist because it gives you a tingling sensastion, but arises from good things rather than bad. It’s positive anticipation and saying no to it can be anxiety inducing in itself. But jumping in early isn’t always a good idea. And there is a fair chance that if you love an idea so much that it’s itching to burst from your fingers, you can most likely wait and still feel that same emotion when you actually are ready.

My Next In Line

With my latest project in the bag, I want to go in and write my next work. But I’m putting the brakes on it. Not because I don’t want to do it, but because I want to do it right. Considering that my next idea goes a bit against grain of what is considered normal, I want to make sure that I have everything in order before I even begin to write. It’ll spare me heartache and confusion when I go forward. One thing I do know, is that it will be fun if I can manage to accomplish this new goal of mine.

Do you start writing a new project immediately after finishing another?

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