Happy One Year

It’s been a whole year since this blog started up and got rolling. One whole year since I started plowing forward and trying to provide content for everyone. Along the way there were a number of things that I learned along the way. So this post is to serve as a look back in the past year, everything I’ve learned, and all 452 posts.

What I love about this blog

When I started this blog I immediately felt inundated with the responsibility of creating a blog that would provide content that was good enough for others to embrace. At the same time, having a blog was and is a very freeing experience. I mean for one, I have complete freedom. If there is a topic that I wish to write about I don’t hesitate and just write it. There’s something that can be a huge relief if I write out my thoughts on a topic.

Deciding what to write

While it’s easy sometimes to have a topic. Some topics just feel natural as they stem off previous topics or events. Other times, it’s a struggle to decide what it is I’m going to write about. There are times that I struggle so hard to come up with a topic that it just doesn’t ever even happen. Being able to clear one’s mind and discover what ma be a good topic that others will be interested in is more tricky and it sounds.

So what have I learned

It can be rather nerve wrecking to write a blog at times. The first thing that I learned was that not everything will win over an audience. As a result, there are some blogs that won’t really drive any attention or be particularly liked. Then there are posts that will really be a knock out of the park. As I learned what worked and what didn’t, I learned not only the best topics to present, but also the best ways to present them. If you look at my content from even 6 months ago it will look different than today.

My Best Posts

So, now is time for the rundown. These are my top 5 most visited posts: Digital Or Physical Games: Pros and Cons, Captain America: The Winter Soldier Review, Why Paul Rudd Will Be An Amazing Ant-Man, Black Characters in Science Fiction and Fantasy, & The 100 – “Earth Kills” Review. Based on these top topics, it seems like my target areas for this blog are all represented. People seem to come for opinions on video game related news, movie reviews and news, tv news and reviews, and topics related to writing and books. That said, I don’t think I’ll be dropping any of these topics moving forward. The most liked posts: Realities of Being a Writer, Help Bring Back Reading Rainbow, Finding Stories You Love, What Makes a Superhero, Those Evil Antagonists. And simply for nostalgia sake, check out my first ever blog post, after the introduction of course: About Man of Steel.

Are there any posts that you’ve particularly enjoyed? Is there anything you’d like to see change here or see more of?

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