Community Lives On

It was against all odds, but Community has managed to scrape another year of life together. After Community was dropped by NBC this past May it felt like the world was going to end. I mean Abed did state that it was canon that the whole world was going to die if there wasn’t another season. As time went on, I came to accept that Community was going the way of the buffalo, the tide as turned and Community will be returning for a sixth season that will be distributed by Yahoo. It looks like we’ll be getting our six seasons and a movie.

Poor Ratings



Community always had relatively good reviews by critics. It was admired for its meta aspects and ability to tell great off beat stories in a half hour. Not to mention it was capable of making an entire episode set in only one location absolutely fascinating. While there see to be a large number of fans that roam the internet, those fans never translated into ratings. Unfortunately, without the necessary ratings Community seemed to be perpetually in danger of cancellation. It was like a cruel joke, when the one year it looked like Community’s ratings might get it through to a sixth season that NBC finally pulled the plug on Community.

Search for a New Home



After the cancellation, things didn’t become entirely grim. It did seem like we were heading down the darkest timeline for a little. However, our hopes began to perk up when we learned that the most likely home for Community, Hulu, was in talks with Sony about getting the show another season. All the while, we heard reports from Dan Harmon and Joel McHale that kept our hopes up without making any claim to do so. The more that Harmon spread his pessimism about the continuation of the show, fans read in to it as Harmon keeping his expectations in check. Same goes for McHale who seemed more outwardly hopeful, but still was cautious. In the end, the pessimism made sense because the talks with Hulu did fall through. We received reports that despite Hulu being out of the running there was still one major play still in the game. Yesterday, the last possible day to make a deal without renegotiating contracts as everyone would have been released from their contracts, Yahoo announced that they would be distributing a final season of Community with all of the remaining cast.

Six Seasons and a Movie

When TV shows are cancelled they stay cancelled. There are so few exceptions to this rule, that it’s almost not worth noting that shows have a chance. That is why it can be so painful when a show that you love gets the axe. It may seem like a number of shows are getting a second chance at life like Arrested Development and The Killing. The occurrence is extremely rare, which makes Community’s renewal a cause for celebration, but not the norm.



That said, if there was any show that was going to figure out a way to make it happen it was going to be Community. This is largely because the internet has proven that Community definitely has an audience that will do as much as they can to get the show that they love. As such much of the fan base actually skewers toward internet heavy users thus having an internet distribution as primary contact looks like a pretty good bet to go out with a nice little bang.

And yes I said go out. The fact that we are getting a sixth season of Community is a miracle. Everything managed to coalesce just right and just in time. Just because Community got a new lease on life doesn’t meant that it should live on forever. In order for Community to go out in style and with a bang it needs to wrap everything up nicely in a final sixth season and possibly set up for a movie to cap it all off. Nothing more. The show has already experienced enough highs and lows and dragging the show on for too long will only result in a decline in quality and losing it’s endearing nature. This triumphant return will be lost if things get muddied trying to drag the show out. No. Community should stick to it’s little mantra. We’ve evaded the darkest timeline. And I’m ready to see the whole package: six seasons and a movie?

Are you excited or surprised about Community’s return?

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