Pacific Rim 2 Is On Its Way

Let’s be honest, there have been a number a giant monster and massive robot movies, aka jaegers and kaiju. Last year the big release was Pacific Rim. I even wrote up my thoughts on Pacific Rim last year. Since then, I’ve watched the movie a few more times and every time there is this rush of excitement that doesn’t go away. Which is why I was very excited to hear that Pacific Rim 2 is going to happen.

More of what Pacific Rim did best

Pacific RIm

Jaeger – Gemini of UK

If there was only one thing that Pacific Rim did right, it was the battles. Everytime a jaeger was pulled out to fight a kaiju that emerged from the depths of the Pacific Ocean the scenes lit up. Everything feels larger than life as they fight. The excitement that they elicit doesn’t get watered down over time. And now I may be a bit partial, but out of all the recent movies with giant fights I remember the battles from Pacific Rim the most vividly. It also had one of the best oh shit moments when one of the kaiju sprouted wings.

Things to improve from Pacific Rim

Pacific RIm

Raleigh and Mako

The biggest downfall of the movie had been the human element. While jaeger fights were amazing, the drama between Raleigh and Mako just didn’t work. As we learned more about what these characters were actually going through it became more clear that the one element of the film didn’t work so well. It almost made you want to wish that they spent less time with these two characters who were supposed to be the main characters. If Pacific Rim 2 wants to be a bigger success in the US there is going to need to be some serious fixing up when it comes to character work and development.

Guillermo Back at the helm

Pacific Rim was Guillermo Del Toro’s baby. Originally he was going to just produce the movie, but when a director fell through he took the role. There he really got to take control over Pacific Rim’s creation. You could really see how much he put into it if you take a look at the detail in the jaegers and everything around them. It was his dream to make a big movie about kaiju and jeagers and he did it. It is reassuring to know that he is continuing on as you know that the person in charge of bringing it to life has a passion for the material. In fact, Guillermo was working on the Pacific Rim 2 script before the film was even given the go ahead.

Why Pacific Rim is getting a sequel

Gipsy DangerYesterday I talked about why the international box office is so important and this is one prime example of it. Pacific Rim brought in $101 million domestically and $309 million internationally. Yes, domestically we only made up one 1/4 of the worldwide box office. If Pacific Rim’s sequel status was based solely on the domestic box office, we wouldn’t be seeing the sequel on the way. However, Pacific Rim isn’t relying solely on domestic box office and the international box office elevated the movie to a level that earned it a sequel. That amount of money and the draw internationally is what breathed new life into Pacific Rim. Hopefully this next film will improve on the first film’s faults.

Would you watch a Pacific Rim 2?

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