Extant – Re-Entry

At first glance Extant is wonderfully futuristic. Thankfully, it also seems to have character drama down so far. However, ignoring the technology would be foolish as it adds another layer to the story.. It’s clear that Extant is here to focus on the every day the normal life that is fighting to be exceptional. The small features added add this additional depth to the world that is wonderful. There was the android for the son. There was the moving photographs. Molly and her husband are a couple that have a rift between the two, but they are keeping it together rather well. At least, for now.

Extant - "Re-Entry"


It doesn’t take long before we find out that Molly is pregnant which leaves her in shock. Rightfully so, considering she was alone in space fore more than a year with no encounters from any humans during that time. That fact is quickly proven wrong when we see a bit of Molly’s time on the station. After an abruptly halted conversation with her husband and son, we see the station have a temporary malfunction. She believes she sees her ex who died on the ship asking for help. Molly is freaking out, which makes sense considering her circumstances.

Her main goal is to keep her condition post return under wraps. This means she needs to keep her surprise pregnancy which shouldn’t have happened under wraps and pass a psych eval. However, she’s part of something bigger as Yasumoto, the head of the company she works for, believes. They are willing to manipulate John in order to keep Molly close.

John’s focus in the episode was his presentation. His son is the evidence and proof of showing how an android can become more than just machine. Ethan knows what he is, yet he behaves like any child would. He is proposing a humanich. However, the board he is presenting to wants the contingency plan should the humanichs become out of control. He finds this preposterous relating having a contingency plan for killing a humanich to killing a child. John is bold though, willing to insult a board member for her beliefs.

Extant - "Re-Entry"

Molly and Ethan

Ethan’s behavior when he goes out with Molly and throws a hissy fit is any indication that this humanich is more boy than android. He got angry over ice cream. When Molly told him to go, he refused and ran into the woods where he found a dead bird. This only led Molly to believe that Ethan was no longer the same boy she remembered. Which sparked an argument between Molly and John about children. It seems that the trouble between the two of them will only get exponentially worse when John learns that she is pregnant.

The only thing that really bothered me in the episode as not making a lick of sense was Molly deleting the video evidence from when she saw Marcus. She deleted the proof that she had been there alone. Now, other than embarrassment, it doesn’t make much sense.

What did you think of the episode?

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