Obsessing Over A Game

Let’s be honest, when I get really into a game I can completely lose myself. I’m not just talking about picking up a controller and dabbling with a game. I’m talking about playing until stopping is necessary in order to not miss other obligations. There’s something exhilarating by devoting endless hours to a game as you slowly see it progress toward the ending. There must be a name for this style of gameplay when finishing a game is more of a compulsion than anything.

Bioshock Infinite

Bioshock Infinite

This happened to me previously when I picked up Bioshock Infinite. The story was so gripping and the actual controls for gameplay made playing feel like second nature. I believe that is one of the major keys of a game that’s hard to put down. If a game doesn’t have great controls it will make the game feel clumsy and cumbersome. The more fluid a game feels the easier it becomes to forget that you are playing a game allowing you to get swept up in the story.

Currently, I’m deeply entrenched in Mass Effect for the first time. Yes, I am playing a game that is 7 years old. In my defense for not playing one of the biggest games out there, I simply didn’t get the appeal previously. Not even watching someone else play it was enough to convince me that I needed to experience the story for myself. Now that I have stepped into this world, I’ve begun playing it obsessively. Sitting down to play for 10 minutes easily becomes playing fr more than an hour. Any little down time results in massive sessions of gameplay where the outside world seems to fade away and time is no longer relevant.

Falling in to a game is much easier when the story is fascinating or the content is highly engaging. Games that manage to do this successfully, whether a AAA title or an indie, are generally more fulfilling. Being able to entrap an audience and keep them engaged is no easy feat, so I commend all game developers who manage to accomplish this.

Do you lose yourself in games?

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