Doctor Who Series 8 Trailer

Doctor Who

Doctor Who

Doctor Who fans have been waiting for the next batch of Doctor Who episodes for nearly a year now. The Day of the Doctor and The Time of the Doctor, did nothing but give Matt Smith a proper send of and whet our appetites for more of The Doctor. Well, the time has finally come. It’s already been announced that Doctor Who will be returning for it’s 8th series on August 23, 2014. Along with the new Doctor, played by Peter Capaldi, we will also see Clara returning as his companion. Needless to say the Whovians are ready for more of the Doctor and thankfully we don’t have to wait much longer.

BBC has released a trailer for the 8th season to get the appetites for the show even higher. They won’t be appearing at San Diego Comic Con this year, as they will be finishing filming the final bits for the upcoming season. That said, the trailer should be a nice treat to console those who won’t get to see the new Doctor in person just yet (They will also be doing a World Tour before the premiere).

The trailer which gives off a darker vibe and even calls itself out seems to big difference from the Matt Smith era. Where as his storylines were a bit more light and airy, before they turned suddenly dark. Peter Capaldi’s era is looking like it will be a bit more grim. That said it looks like the Twelfth Doctor will be getting in to his own antics as wee see him riding a horse through the streets in his night clothes and a dinosaur in modern times.

Are you excited for series 8 of Doctor Who?

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