Female Thor is Good, Not Bad

Female Thor

Female Thor 001 Cover

It seems as though people are incapable of accepting changes when it comes to the comic book world, despite comic interpretations are constantly changing. With every change people almost always become outraged. To them, there is no way that the creators could potentially change their beloved comic character. There was an outrage when it was announced that Miles Morales, a black-hispanic boy, would be taking over as Spider-Man. There was a similar uproar when we learned that Kamala Khan, a muslim teen from Jersey City, would be taking up the mantle of Ms. Marvel. And just yesterday it was announced that the new Thor was going to be a yet unnamed female. Already there is already an outrage over the fact that the iconic Thor will be female (something that has already been seen). Yet, I have a lot of hope in the new female Thor and the folks at Marvel seem to as well. You can check out the press release here.


Avengers 35

Avengers 35 Cover

Thor is an Asgardian who was deemed worth of carrying Mjolnir. Thor will still exist in the comics, however, he will be deemed unworthy of further wielding Mjolnir. So, for one, the panic of losing Thor is not rational as he will still be a character. In fact, he will likely be a character that becomes more interesting as he has to deal with whatever event caused him to become unworthy. Thor will remain a character and is not dropping off Midgard. Instead of Mjolnir, he’ll be using Jarnbjorn, his weapon of choice from before he had the iconic hammer. And he’s still part of the Avengers so you won’t be missing Thor from Asgard if that’s what you are worried about.

Female Thor

The new female Thor won’t merge and become the Asgardian. Instead, she will be a woman that Thor had previously saved and will be deemed worthy to carry Mjolnir. Why is it so outlandish that someone other than Thor, particularly a female is incapable of that. The lore of Mjolnir never states that the bearer must be male at all costs. While the inscription does use the word he in it, the main take away is that one must be worthy for such a weapon.“Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.” It is exciting that we will be seeing a female pick up the mantle and become the latest bearer of Mjolnir. It wouldn’t be like it was the first time a female has wielded the mighty hammer, Storm has already done it, thus we know that Mjolnir isn’t quite as picky about whether the wielder is man or female like the fanbase. Instead, having a female Thor, who now bears the same name as the former wielder or Mjolnir, is an affirmation that it is truly about who is worthy, not their gender.

Comics in Flux

Female Thor

Female Thor

What makes individual characters unique isn’t necessarily race or gender, but the unique traits of the characters. Each character has a unique trait or set of traits that make them who they are. Captain America is a super soldier who bears a vibranium shield and upholds his morals at all costs. Spider-man is a quipy street vigilante that has the powers of a spider. Deadpool is a merc with a mouth. The point is each character has defining traits and most times gender and race are not a driving factor behind their core character or the specific role they have been placed in. In some instances certain things of a character would change who they were, while others wouldn’t. Black Panther wouldn’t have the same impact if he wasn’t black, however, I could envision a female Black Panther (Queen of Wakanda). One of the great things about comics is that characters are constantly be reinvented and reinvigorating. It keeps things fresh by changing a characters circumstances and the result is often better more varied storylines. At the end of the day that is what us comic fans want anyway isn’t it. The best storylines that we can possibly get. Sometimes changing up a character can allow for creativity to begin flowing again and keep a character from stagnating.

What do you think about female Thor? What about changes to characters?

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