Character Quirks

there are people out there who don’t think that the quirks of characters are very important when it comes to creating a character. Instead, it is thought that creating the emotional connections that work based off the character’s personality is the most important thing. However, I have found that when it comes to creating characters and finding characters that I enjoy the most, they often have their own quirks. Each of theirs quirks or personality traits are what makes the character not only feel more interesting, but more relatable. And you’ll note that I say relatable, not realistic. There are plenty of people in this world that don’t actually have quirks that make a character in a book endearing.


Quirks make both characters and people who they are. Some people think that a quirk is something that makes a person strange, but they aren’t. Quirks are simply little character traits that are unique to a character. That is a person who clicks their teeth when they get nervous. Or a certain phrase someone says before they do a specific task. Each unique quirk can make a character feel more whole. And one little plus is that it can make a character more memorable. Though if done poorly, a memorable quirk may be a very bad thing.


While character quirks are great additions to characters that can make them more engaging, they can be easily overdone. Quirks need to be present in moderation as in a character should have one maybe to character quirks. Any more than that and a character will begin to feel like a caricature rather than a character. Also knowing when to utilize a quirk is important. That means that you don’t want to establish a quirk that will be exploited too often, unless breaking that trait is part of the plot. If it is just a general quirk about a character it needs to be done in moderation so the reader isn’t overwhelmed by a trait that is too often repeated.

Why Quirks Can Be Fun

Not only are quirks additions to make a character more rounded, but depending on the quirk they can become endearing. When you think about your best friend it is likely that you remember the memories you’ve created and the little things that make them different than other people. Essentially you remember the quirks. For example, let’s take my dog for example. KO has been raised with a cat and he often sits just like a cat would (you know legs tucked in under their body). It’s kind of funny and strange, mainly because it isn’t an every day occurrence, but also happens enough that it is one of his quirks. If you can create a quirk like that for a character it can make for a character that is more thought out than just their emotional journey and character development.

Do you write characters with quirks.

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