The Strain – The Box

The Strain "The Box"I like when characters behave like real people would. So I was thoroughly thrilled when Gus ran off after the coffin he was transporting rattled and tossed him back five feet. Yes, that was a wonderfully fantastic and real reaction to a very strange circumstance. Considering this show is a vampire show, it’s good that we know people will react in a grounded way. Jim vomiting at the crime scene was another good reaction to seeing a crushed head.

That said there are plenty of characters who are acting oddly. The main offenders in this case are the four survivors. They are very anxious to get out of the quarantine, despite having been on a plane where everyone died. Even if they had heard a report that it was supposedly carbon monoxide poisoning, I wouldn’t be jumping ship so quickly. No, I would be remaining in that quarantine willingly, until they were certain that I didn’t have something wrong with me. A week at least. However, these people are clamoring to leave hours after their quarantine began. It’s odd that they are so certain that they are so healthy despite everyone else being dead. What if they give it to the people they care about if they are immune, it seems reckless that all four would be so ready to go back into the world. Joan seriously spoke about how she had ringing in her ears, has bloodshot eyes, and started bleeding inexplicably, yet she still wants to go home to her kids. Not a very responsible parent there.

The Strain "The Box"The dynamic between Thomas and Abraham is fantastic. There is something creepy that is there about both men. However, Abraham gives off a vibe of safety and grim positivity. Thomas on the other hand is far more malevolent and joyous in his torment. The scene between the two men exchanging their threats was fantastic. laced with threats from both sides and mysterious phrases it’s clear that things are not good for them.

The virus is spreading as people are being let free as the four survivors were set free. Not only were they set free, but our CDC agents, Goodweather and Martinez are taken off the case. Those in charge were too afraid of what a quarantine would do to the economy if JFK was shut down. The pilot of the plane is the only survivor who seems upset by how all of this is being handled and is willing to work with Goodweather and Martinez. The pair were able to find that the worms are parasitic feeding off blood only.

The Strain "The Box"As for grotesque the scene of Gabriel hooking up with a group of girls. After one of the girls pulled a chunk of hair from his head it was clear that he was not in god shape. Then moments later he was biting a girls neck then lapping up blood from the floor. To make things worse the pilot was checked in to the hospital as the worms were becoming more visible and deteriorating his health. And just to add to the barrage of events, Ephraim learned that the little girl he presumed was dead was actually alive (at least that’s what her father thought). Palmer the billionaire then witnessed the Master. While the flurry of events was exciting, it says something to the pacing as it isn’t quire right yet. Each episode has contained a wonderful amount of events, but a poor distribution. Hopefully that is balanced so the exciting thrilling events aren’t all piled in the last five minutes.

The character drama between the characters on this show are hit and miss. The situation between Gus and His family is rather entertaining. You can see that Gus truly is a good guy even if he is doing wrong things. he is different than his mother and wants to do his mother and his family proud, but can’t always do that. He has rules and morals unlike his brother. Another plus is the relationship between Goodweather and Martinez. It wasn’t entirely clear previously about the sort of relationship that they had, but now we know that they are together. It is nice as we learn more about them particularly, that Martinez needs to tell Goodweather to take the time to talk to his son if he wants to prove his ex wrong about him. Unfortunately, the relationship between Ephraim and his son, while sweet is still a bit weak on screen. As is his AA meetings, but they are important for Ephraim if we want to come to appreciate and care about his family before everything goes to shit.

What did you think of the episode?

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