New Release Video On Demand

There is something to going to a theatre and experiencing a movie with a crowd around you. Laughs become funnier and thrills become more exciting. It is a communal experience and I doubt that excitement will ever change. But this weekend I finally caved to a new way of watching movies, video on demand. Of course I’ve rented movies, but I’ve never rented a movie that was still in theatres and it was amazing.


vodSitting in a movie theatre is nice, but sitting on my couch with by big screen is even nicer. All the conveniences of the home are brought to the movie watching experience. There are some movies that are meant to be watched on the big screen of a theatre with a booming sound system. Then there are other movies that are just as enjoyable without the very high ticket price and in the comfort of my own home. Finding those movies and being able to watch them in my home is fantastic.

That isn’t even to mention the plus sides to watching at home, namely being the ability to talk. I can squeal and express my awe over something in an instant rather than waiting until it is all over. I get to talk it through and that can be a real fun element to a movie. And because I am watching in my own home on my TV, if I want to discuss something mid movie, we can pause it at our whim. Which also means not having to miss a great part because you couldn’t resist that potty break. I found myself only pausing the movie twice in it’s entire run to do things like let the dog outside.

Also on the convenient front is the comfort side. I was able to watch the movie reclined in my chair, with a blanket and I was still in my pajamas. It’s hard to pass up the opportunity to watch a movie you are clamoring for when it is right in your living room waiting for you.

Rise of the VOD Releases

Home TheatreA few years ago, you almost never saw VOD releases. Generally when you did, they were movies that were out of theatres, but hadn’t yet released on home video. Movies have now moved from that limbo realm to going straight to a simultaneous release. This means that people can simply watch the movie at home rather than going out to the theatres, which I’m sure that movie theatres aren’t too happy about. Yet, who can blame the average person for preferring to watch at home than in a dirty theatre in uncomfortable chairs (and God forbid if the theatre doesn’t have stadium seating). Now we have VOD releases that happen more and more frequently where the movies are simultaneous with the theatre release. You won’t see any of the big blockbuster, but smaller films like Snowpiercer and The Congress are making their way there. I couldn’t tell you how well these films do when they are released VOD compared to films that opt out of that mode of distribution, but as a consumer it is a great mode of watching new movies.

Do you watch movies VOD?

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