The Strain – Gone Smooth

It was creepy seeing Thomas’ transformation into his common appearance was eerie. Seeing him in his true state was a bit off setting. And his bit by bit additions that made him a real person was unsettling. He preened himself into this image of something false as he tries to pass for human.

Gone SmoothJim Kent seems to be really remorseful now that he knows that he is a part of something that is on the verge of going extremely badly. And When I say extremely badly I mean the impending war between humans and vampire that appear to be brewing. Despite his doubt he is being urged to see and be with others. His family is at the whims of Thomas and his very far reaching connections that could ruin his family. it’s unfortunate to see him in such a terrible position.

Abraham is a creepy, but awesome old man and Martinez is finally seeing it. Well, at least, she is willing to look into the man who seemed to know information that wasn’t public. While Martinez was ready to talk, she isn’t fully ready to accept what Abraham is telling her.

I know it may make me a terrible person, but I’m glad Goodweather is going to lose his son. With any hopes this will mean less of them in the future. His son and ex-wife are kind of downers. While they may paint his life rather well, it’s something I don’t need to see a whole lot on the show. Unfortunately, even though they should be cut down we will be seeing more.

Gone SmoothThe strangest part of the show so far is rat man. Out off all the story lines, he is the most disconnected. he has a strange obsession with rats and is willing to do all he can to make sure people aren’t eating in rat infested locations. We’ve seen him do this now more than once, and while this time we got to see some of the pressures he faces at work, we haven’t actually learned that much about him.

This week we did see more of the monster bits starting with Thomas’ transformation into a human, and also the shift of the characters. This includes our patients who are slowly deteriorating into what e saw Thomas as in the beginning of the episode. Apparently this bodily transformation included the loss of genitalia. it was rather creepy, mainly in how nonchalant the former sex manic was. We also saw the other patient the captain finally fully turn after his condition deteriorated. These vampires are attackers and seeing the fight between vampire and human was fascinating and fun. Watching Ephraim crush the skull of the captain until he was dead was gratifying. Unfortunately, this episode fell into the trap of nearly all the really good stuff piled on at the end.

What did you think of the episode?

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