Extant – Shelter

The family is on the run now with Ethan in the back. They are afraid of being tracked, with good reason, to the point that they disabled Ethan’s tracking. Sometimes you forget that Ethan is not real in moments when he acts just like a normal kid, only to be reminded by an action of his own or a comment from another. This is one of those instances.

Extant - "Shelter"We know that Yasumto is up to something, though what exactly it is isn’t quite clear. We saw two of his researchers timidly, yet confidently displaying their progress to Yasumoto. However, he’s a tough man to please and despite warnings of it not being safe for the researcher displaying the progress to take off his mask, Yasumoto insisted. The result was the researcher dying moments later.

Something sinister is growing in Molly’s stomach and her dad’s dog Gus knows it and showed it by biting her. More importantly was seeing Molly interact with her dad. It was clear that there was tension between the two as her father used to have a drinking problem. Even still you got the sense that they loved each other despite there being issues. The relationships is where this show truly excels. Her dad truly seems to be into Ethan as his grandson and doesn’t judge him as a robot, but a child.

Extant - "Shelter"The show really slows down even further when we get away from the immediate family. The scene with Sam and Sparks. The scene was meant to show that Sam had things driving her to act, just as Sparks was trying to be intimidating. Unfortunately, the tension didn’t feel that high as Sparks doesn’t come off as intimidating, but bumbling. At the same time, Same seems very confident and strong until she sees him.

The time spent between Ethan and his grandfather was also a time sink. We got to see why he was never a great father to his daughter. However, the time sink le to a more dramatic sequence as Ethan was taken and Molly had a fight with her dad. Because of her father’s reaction, they assumed that Ethan ran off because he was upset. John’s reaction to the sheriff blowing off the request to find his son was very real. Even more nerve wrecking and upsetting, knowing that we had just seen Ethan attacked and disabled.

Extant - "Shelter"While John and Molly’s dad sat in jail for the night, Molly found Ethan and also that she’d walked into a trap. She was quickly drugged and taken into the care of Yasumoto’s men. Which happens to lend more credence to the idea that while Sparks is working for Yasumoto, he is still trying to help Molly from getting herself into further danger. The reasoning for his actions don’t quite make sense yet, but he’s digging around and betraying Molly as much as he tries to do things for her.Molly mean while is being heavily experienmented on under the care of Yasumoto.

What did you think of the episode?

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