The Strain – It’s Not For Everyone

The episode picked up right where it left off with Eph, Martinez, and Jim dealing with the dead body of the former pilot on the floor. The scientists they are wish to experiment, but they want to honor his death. This meant dissecting the former pilot and they found that he had an entirely different internal anatomy now. This included a massive tongue like thing that ran through his entire body.

The Strain - "It's Not for Everyone"Jim was only one who seemed to have a normal reaction to seeing a man with a teethed tongue. Eph and Martinez didn’t seem to understand Jim’s situation. In fact it was rather cold and uncaring. I wouldn’t for a minute believe that Eph wouldn’t have done the same for his son as Jim did for his wife. What makes it worse, is that they are writing Jim off for his actions, when it was clear that he had no idea what he was doing. He was asked to do a simple favor and he did it not knowing the major repercussions. Was it stupid? Yes. Did he deserve the vitriol he received? No.

The transformation of the four from the plane has been tragic in each their own way. We continued Ansel’s sad spiral into his beast as his wife decided to take their kids away. A good call, but I don’t know that I can forgive leaving that beautiful German Shepherd. Anyway, it was very clear that she wasn’t going to last very long.Wathing his wife discover Gertie as she consulted and relied on her religion to give her strength it was upsetting. Ansel is a monster, but not enough to chain himself up and tell her to run. Ann and Ansel’s neighbor was a world class prick. He hit Gertie and he was a general asshole to Ann. Which was likely why I didn’t feel bad when Ann fed him to her husband.

The Strain - "It's Not for Everyone"The pacing is still off on this show as it concentrates the most intense moments of the episode at the end. The most compelling and interesting developments tend to be near the beginning. In that sense, each of these episodes is becoming quickly formulaic. This episode’s big moment was the return of the little girl and her father. When Eph and Martinez came to check on them, they found that they were no more than he monsters like the pilot. After seeing these creatures continually popping up, Eph seems ready to accept that these people need to be exterminated. Whereas, Martinez is still desperately clinging to her humanity and can’t go along with the new plan.

What did you think of the episode?

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