Extant – What on Earth Is Wrong

Molly really is a character of poor circumstance. everything in her life seems to be going poorly and all her hallucinations and bad dreams are not helping them. After her impromptu surgery the night before, they didn’t even have the decency to bring her back to safety. Instead, they dropped her in the middle of the woods in very bad condition. All signs of Molly’s baby have been fully removed to the point that all signs are now pointing to her being crazy. That one idea was enough to place the question of doubt in John. Unfortunately, everything is now pointing to Molly being wrong.

Extant - "What on Earth is Wrong"It was a nice reveal seeing that Jules is missing her legs. After seeing her waking up from a tryst, it was a shock seeing her showering with no legs. The prosthetics are clearly amazing now. Which may be part of why Jules is so attached to Ethan. Jules seems to be truly upset that John would treat Ethan so haphazardly. Which is absurd because he is treating him like the child he intended to have. Its rather strange that she seems to be overprotective, while also discrediting Ethan for what he is. Ethan displays sentience, yet Jules seems to want to treat him like a pricey car.

Sparks has effectively made Molly seem like the head of the crazy bin. Everyone around her is implying that her pregnancy never existed. They’ve done everything to potentially discredit her. This pregnancy has continued to drive a wedge between Molly and John. At first it was because of the secret keeping, now its mysterious disappearance is continuing to separate them. In the end, Molly was able to find the necessary proof that she did have a baby. Strangely there was a odd DNA sequence that belonged to the baby. Which meant that Molly had to beg for her position back to Sparks who was going along with the ploy Molly now needs to play nice with. We learned that it was a wave like spore thing that killed the worms in orbit and made Molly pregnant.

Extant - "What on Earth is Wrong"The truth came out that Jules never really wanted Ethan to go with John and Molly. She never thought they were the right people to raise him. She felt like she deserved more say in how he was raised and the things that would happen with him. John thankfully put her in her place. She is his subordinate and he calls the shots. It was nice to see John take a stand. Unfortunately, it seems that the only thing that John is really passionate about is Ethan. Yes, we saw that John seems to care about Molly quire a bit, but his scenes with her don’t scream with the emotion he feels over Ethan and humanichs. It is in those scenes that he really shines.

What did you think of the episode?


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