The Moment My Story Clicked

I’ve been editing my novel for a while now. It’s been going on and off for 7 months now. At first I thought my novel was decent, but needed to be more interconnected. I was worried and concerned about if the story was ready. However as I went through for this draft, I found myself not re-crafting entire sections of the story. Instead, I was editing grammar and making sentences flow better. I wasn’t actually making major changes. That’s when I decided that I was ready.

Character Driven Story

Generally I write Plot driven stories, but this story I decided to take a different route. Rather than write a story in which the plot moved the entire story forward. The events that happened all tied directly to the plot and how it affected them. Taking a character driven story in which the character’s personal journey and their personality drove the story forward ahead of the plot was not something I was used to. I didn’t know how to balance a plot while still making character development the main thing moving the story forward. Then it hit me. If I focused on how each of my characters was growing because of the events of the plot and how they then reacted to those changes, I would accomplish what I needed to.


I almost exclusively write fantasy (with the occasional foray into Science Fiction). Delving in to the extraordinary can be freeing, but also worrying. What may seem fantastic in my mind may be mundane to another. While there is no way to please everyone, there is the constant sense of dread that what I am creating is ludicrous. Being able to push past that fear is key. With this novel, I had to focus on a fantastical being that has been done before, while putting my own unique twist on it. Crafting the intricacies of this society was both difficult and exciting. Like with all fantasy, I had to find ways to keep the story grounded to make it believable. When I remembered that the focus was the journey that my main character was going on was about who she was and who she wanted to come and not about the fantastical bits I realized it could work. Yes, her fantastical abilities make her unique and guided her story, but some other major change in her life that wasn’t fantastical could have also potentially led her down the same personal journey. Thus the fantasy helped shape the world and my character, but she was very much still her own person.


Once I realized these two things my story clicked. Yes, I needed to make sure some of the plot elements would make sense in the real world, but it worked. Finally after so long of trying to work to get my story to be grounded and amusing. It clicked. The story I had written was not plot based at all. I should have realized it very early on when all my scene ideas revolved around the evolution of my character and her emotional turmoil and decisions after learning that there was more to the world than she thought. I didn’t realize this about my characters early on and I struggled to make the plot drive the story. Thankfully, I didn’t dwell over this and wrote the story. My characters got to shine. Their relationships were the centerpieces of the novel. The plot simply was a story line that forced my character to re-evaluate her life and goals.

When did you realize that your story clicked?

2 thoughts on “The Moment My Story Clicked

  1. I have always heard that once you start focusing on tweaking individual sentence, you’re ready to put it out into the world. (Go for it!) Plot-driven stories are on my list of writerly weaknesses. I don’t know what it is, but I just struggle so much with them. I still like to try now and again though. 🙂

    I always think my ideas are ludicrous. ^_^ It’s so true, we just gotta push past it. I have to remind myself that I can’t possibly be the only person in the world who finds it interesting. Lol!

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