The Strain – “Runaways”

The strain knows how to pump up the monstrosity. These are not vapires like on True Blood or The Vampire Diaries, these are nasty bloodsucking monsters. If you were to encounter a vampire on The Strain in your life, you wouldn’t want to be seduced by these creates who are missing parts and have lost almost everything that made them human. They are creatures that will kill you without second thought and that is mainly because they are not having thoughts other than to feed.

The Strain - "Runaways"We started to see the beginning of the teacher student relationship between Abraham and Ephraim. Abraham has been through a lot in his long years and seen things that normal people shouldn’t seen. He’s survived WWII and he’s fought vampires in the past and now the same threat has returned. He needs people that will do what is necessary to suppress the outbreak and that disciple is Ephraim.

The flashbacks of Abraham in the Nazi camp was well done. The stark contrast between his attitude then compared to present day is both drastic and compelling. Back then, Abraham was naive and caring. He worried about people and oozed paranoia and concern. He listened and did what he told and it clearly kept him alive. Even as a young man though he was willing to believe in what other people thought unbelievable. Then again, seeing it happen before you can do that. That belief in the supernatural kept him thinking and kept him alive.

Ann may have fed her neighbor to her husband last week, but clearly that was a choice she couldn’t live with. Her life turned to shit around her and she killed herself. Abe and Eph found her and headed out to take care of her husband. There we saw that the neighbor wasn’t dead yet, but they both were after Abe got through with them. Gabe on the other hand has only gotten worse, though he didn’t quite look as bad as Ansel or the pilot did until the end of the episode. However, Gabe was feeding, particularly on the doctor who came to help him and the cleaner who was going to take away his mess. Joan’s maid Eva decided that Joan was not to be around her own kids any more. It was a smart move on Eva’s part, but those poor kids must have been both terrified and confused.

The Strain - "Runaways"I almost wish the episode was named the great rat migration as we saw that Vasiliy was getting so many rat calls for a very isturbing reason. He knew that rats fleeing in mass groups like he’d been seeing was not normal so he want to check it out. Vasiliy discovered that all the vampires that had escaped from the hospital all ended up in the sewers. There they were likely killing up a storm while the rats did their best to flee.

Nora content yet upset that she decided to flee from her situation had her mother to deal with. A mother who had alzheimers and lived in a home. All her mother wanted to do was go home. Nora was determined to make her mother stay where she could get care. At least until a vampire found it’s way into the home and started killing and attacking the people inside. Now both her mother gets to go home and it looks like Nora may be forced to re-evaluate current stance.

What did you think of the episode?

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