Possibilities in Science Fiction

I’ll be entirely honest, I am a fan of Science Fiction and Fantasy because it presents possibilities. An endless array of possibilities on what could happen. That concept alone of what could be is something that keeps me going with science fiction no matter what is going on. I love the idea of what could happen whether it is good or it is bad. If it involves the advancement of technology, or the discovery of aliens on new worlds, or even the discovery that the fantastical creatures we believed were pure fantasy were more than what we thought.

The possiblities of Science Fiction are practically endless. The genre can always evolve and leave old information as a relic of modes of thought from that period. However, it is ideas and concepts that keep the genre going. I wish to see more of what could happen. Part of my desire to see more science fiction grow in all mediums stems from the desire to see more possibilities. ore space adventures. More technology in wonderful ways. It all made me realize that I would put myself forward to experience any of these wonders.

If you had a chance to live in a science fiction world, which would it be?

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