Extant – Nightmares

Ethan was never programmed to dream, yet minutes into the episode he was awoken to a nightmare. It wasn’t just fear of the dream, but fear from an entirely new experience that clearly wasn’t pleasant. He shouldn’t be dreaming, but the fact that he is poses interesting prospects for the future of his character as well as how closely humanich’s mimic people. John wanted to bring Ethan to the lab for testing, but Molly wanted to console her son like any parent would. Everyone seems to be in awe over the fact that Ethan was able to dream, however the general assumption was that Ethan’ programming evolved in order for him to compensate for the damage.

Extant - "Nightmares"Glass is another astronaut that ISEA has in space. Some of the staff clearly wants Glass to come back before he is exposed. An understandable fear considering that t was juxtaposed with one of the on earth people caring for the alien baby went crazy and wrecked a facility and killed staff so as to not disturb the baby. The desire to ring down ISEA is so strong that the head of ISEA security was set up so that Harmon Kriger could get in to ISEA and steal the logs of the trip. This is not good for ISEA, but something needs to change.

The situation with the doctor watching over the baby was probably the most interesting part of the episode, though we weren’t provided much in terms of answers or closure. Instead we got to see how the doctor was essentially infected from the contact that he had with the child. How it happened isn’t clear, but in the end it doesn’t entirely matter. We know that his contact led to him getting an imprint of the strange symbol that keeps appearing on this episode. It directly related to the events on the Aruna. Everyone died on the Aruna, but Sparks’ daughter was on the mission, which led to Molly’s deployment. They were trying to figure out what happened to Sparks’ daughter.

Extant - "Nightmares"Another side story revolved aroun Jules. It was nice to see another side of her that didn’t revolve around Ethan or John. This time it centered around a seemingly innocent love interest who went by the name of Odin. At first he came off as a genuine guy who seemed to like Jules. Not only that, but it gave Jules the change to some what bond with someone like her. in this case another person who also had a prosthetic. However, there was an ominous tone with him. He seemed to have a fascination with Ethan as he continually stared at him. The conversation was also a bit odd.

What did you think of the episode?

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