Let’s Be Cops Review

So, I pondered...

Release Date: 8/13/2014
Dir. Luke Greenfield
Starring: Jake Johnson (Ryan O’Malley), Damon Wayans Jr. (Justin Miller), Rob Riggle (Officer Segars), Nina Dobrev (Josie), Keegan-Michael Key (Pupa), Andy Garcia, James D’Arcy (Porter), Jonathan Lajoie (Todd Connors), Natasha Leggero (Annie)

Initial Thoughts

Let's Be CopsLet’s be totally freaking honest here, I didn’t have very high hopes for Let’s Be Cops. as such, my expectations were pleasantly surprised by a movie that wasn’t bad, but okay. It is no comedy of the year, but it’s a fun take on a buddy cop movie. Jokes don’t always land and the premise is generally outlandish. Despite this, it isn’t hard to get caught up in the buddy cop pairing. The result is an okay movie, if not a particularly good one.

Spoilers! Since this is an advance Review, I will keep the Plot Summary off until the day before release.
Update 8/12: The Plot Sumary is up.

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