Space Opera

I’ve talked about how Space Operas are coming back into the prevalence of the social consciousness, at least movie wise. Space Operas are very much like epic fantasies. The main difference is that rather than having a “fantasy” world for the world changing story to take place, it takes place in space whether the plot can effect the well being of one or more planets. And lately, undoubtedly caused by my recent obsession with Mass Effect, I’ve wanted to start creating a space opera of my own.

Why Space Opera appeals to me

For the longest time, I had no interest in writing a Space Opera. Heck, I hardly had much interest in writing science fiction, even though that was one of the main genres that I consume on a daily bases. No. It was all of a sudden, the more i delved into an immense world of Space Opera that I was inspired. The bug bit me with ideas that made sense in a world of Space Opera. This came from the need to satisfy and to further satisfy certain ideas that were either briefly discussed or entirely omitted. The key factor that made me decide that I didn’t just feel like I missed out on certain elements that could have been there. I knew that I actually wanted to tackle a Space Opera for myself when I was finally able to put myself in a characters shoes.

That truly was the key. Once I could imagine myself walking through my character’s shoes as she moved through a new galaxy order, I was there. I could see the world and all the little intricacies. Slowly, ideas of what would happen and what her situation was came to me. Space was just a new giant playground for my character to explore and navigate. The ability to stray from dealing with just humans and finding how alien cultures would interact with one another was fascinating.

Writing in a new genre

One of the most exciting things about this new venture I am preparing for is the prospect of a new perspective. A new genre is untread territory for a writer. It can go wonderfully or it can go terribly. While many published writers who switch genres may suggest really digging in to the new genre that you are to approach, I the unpublished author don’t like to do that. I understand the main motivation behind the idea. By studying a genre you get to understand the genre. How plots typically progress and the tropes that appear. You also get to see what stories are successful and see how they compare to other successes. It all makes sense and can be highly beneficial to someone attempting to take a stab at a genre they’ve never done before.

That isn’t going to work for me. I’ve been so indoctrinated into the world of Science Fiction it is like second blood to me. While that doesn’t mean I know and recognize all the tropes and ideas. I also don’t want to be hindered by what others have done with success or not. I plan to write my story, with all the Science Fiction and Space Opera ideas I’ve seen in the past tucked nicely in the back. There I can reference things I’ve encountered previously without feeling crippled by what I’ve learned about the genre. That is just me, though. I am the kind of person who when given a set of rules or guidelines, I will follow them to the T and not color outside the lines. However, when I am given free reign and only a general box to keep within, my creativity explodes and I create my most unique work. That’s what I want to accomplish when I write my Space Opera. I want to do something familiar, yet something that no one has ever seen before. My knowledge of other Space Operas will keep me close enough inside the box, while letting me to express my story unrestrained.

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